Can We Fix It?

Migrants 33By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, February 10, 2016

Yesterday I asked if matters could get worse. (1) Thank you to the folks who educated me by sending me videos.

Where have I been for perhaps the last half a year that I’ve remained unaware of what has been going on in Europe?

And even now, I’ve only been able to catch up with brief reports, far too brief to base knowledge on.

A river of migrants has entered Europe. It’s been described in some circles as “Biblical” in proportion and it looks as if it is. See the video, below.

In the old days, I’d sit right down and bring myself up to speed on a refugee-producing situation. But those days are gone. Everything needs to be done on the fly now.

I cannot imagine the turmoil that this situation is causing so many people. To experience within myself the agony I see on some people’s faces in the videos I watched – whether migrant or resident – is beyond my capacity to feel into or live into. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that degree of agony.

How to cope with such an influx is the question of the day.

Once upon a time, we might have wrung our hands and wondered what we could do. We might have concluded that there were no solutions and we were not the ones to come up with them if there were.

But we are the ones. Uniquely, this generation of lightworkers, whenever the financial dam breaks, will have the means to do something about it. In this article, I’d like to address those financial wayshowers who’ve purchased enough currency to make a difference in this situation.

Casey in Tomorrowland was fond of saying: “Can we fix it?”  Well, let’s see if we can.

Are we agreed that the problem looks very, very unlikely to go away? By international refugee law, one cannot deport a person to another country (usually, back to their own country) in which they run the risk of torture, imprisonment, etc.

I know that many people arriving in Europe are not refugees but economic migrants, but it’s still highly unlikely we’ll find a way to have them return. The problem is here before us and must be handled now.

Are we also agreed that everyone is a victim in this situation? The migrants were victims in their own country, often of divide-and-conquer policies our countries gave rise to. The Europeans are victims in their own country.  Everyone needs massive relief. Arguing about it will only make matters worse.

I’d like to make a proposition and then I’d like to discuss how it would be paid for.

The fix that I’m proposing, to be done with Reval money, is to offer the migrants paid employment building housing, stores, schools, mosques, hospitals, etc. Have them build the infrastructure of an expanded multicultural society and then offer them paid employment operating the finished enterprises. Pay for this until the operations can stand on their own two feet and then let them go.

We need to see that the migrants are fed, clothed, and sheltered and what better way to do it than to employ them.

We’ll also need to see that residents of European countries who’ve been adversely affected by the migration are compensated. In many cases, it’ll take residents and migrants familiar with the situation to manage events on the ground.

Migrants 22This suggestion and anything else that flows from it has no basis in the profit motive. Everything given to the migrants or residents is given as a gift.

Now how to pay for it.

Lightworkers are participating in the global financial reset. Their money is coming from the Chinese elders, European royals, St. Germain World Trust and similar other sources.

That money comes through the Reval, redeemed historic bonds, project funding, prosperity packages, redistributed Illuminati monies, and similar sources.

Winston Churchill once said: “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.” The tools are the Divine Mother’s wealth, which we’re to be stewards of – from whatever channel it flows.

Could I invite some future recipients of the Mother’s wealth – European or otherwise – who are in range of my voice and whose holdings are significant to consider banding together and using a goodly portion of them to pay for this solution to the problem raised by migration?

I will be opening a Yahoo discussion group called Operation Nova Europe, to be managed by one of its members, to host discussions of how to effect this aid operation. It’ll only be open to financial wayshowers. Confidentiality will be respected.

Organizing this cannot depend on me. I’m as busy as I can possibly be. I’ll be an ordinary participant in the project but not an organizer. That position is now open.

If this assignment interests you, then perhaps begin planning now how our financial response can be organized and run. Perhaps plan out as well how to ensure that the money actually gets right down to migrants, how it would be paid out in the case of building projects, and how to keep it from ending up in the pockets of corrupt officials – or corrupt migrants, for that matter.

If we agree to address the problem as it is, as it has been presented to us, without blame or vengefulness, and fix it, then we’ll have repaired a gigantic tear, a gigantic divide in the human family – epitomized by the internecine conflict in the Middle East, much of it instigated and perpetuated by the West.

We’ll have created a new community that has shown it can get along. We’ll have solved the Sphinx’s riddle of the Middle East: How can peace be achieved among warring groups in the holy/whole land?

For me, our response to this situation, as regrettable as the situation is to all participants, remains an important part of – and perhaps the first unavoidable act of global significance in – building Nova Earth.

Please don’t write me unless you’re very serious about the matter and your involvement.
I can either write articles or answer email and I’m much more useful writing articles.


(1) “Set Limits Globally to Protect Women” at

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