Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s Legacy for Exploration, Sustainability, and Consciousness

By Jeff, Awake Free

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away February 4th 2016. He was the 6th astronaut to walk on the moon.

Mitchell was an American naval officer, engineer, and test pilot. Through the years he garnered honorary doctorates from numerous universities along with several distinguished service medals, and was nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

Most recently he was known for being outspoken about UFO phenomena and cover-ups. He’s even cited in an intro for the latest X-Files television series.

However, Mitchell’s most important legacy could be his work to research consciousness and further sustainability efforts based on an epiphany he had during his space mission.

From his experience in space, Mitchell felt a greater perspective or world-view would radically change how we address political and environmental challenges for the sustainability of life on earth.

Officially, Mitchell was a scientist and engineer, but underlying that he was an explorer. Although he explored far away from earth, his most profound expedition may have been his trip back. It’s an experience he described as “an overwhelming joy of seeing Earth from that perspective.”

Mitchell called the kind of experience he had a “big picture effect.” He likened it to an ‘aha’ moment – that sense of wonder you have from a mountain top seeing a broader picture of what’s going on.

With this awareness Mitchell became more vocal about the change in consciousness and sustainability efforts required for continuing life on earth.

A year after his return to earth, Mitchell started the Institute of Noetic Sciences to sponsor the research of consciousness.

Looking beyond earth, Mitchell said, “We are not alone in the universe. We are just one grain of sand on a huge beach.”

Read more about Mitchell’s experience and how it inspires a sustainable planet earth and exploration of consciousness…

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