Pure Magic

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By Terry Andrews (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness), New Earth Experiences, February 8, 2016

The high-powered energy coming our way lately, helping us evolve, can also cause snafus with electronic equipment. Hence, I had to call my cable TV provider to fix a signal problem. After three separate visits by three separate technicians, the problems was still not fixed.

Then the fourth person came, and he made an adjustment with the electronic instructions, which he said were incorrect. I told him about an issue I had with my TV a couple of days earlier where it wouldn’t work at all until, not knowing what else to do, I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Then it worked.

“That never happens,” he said. “Modems, yes. TVs, no.”

And then he shared a story with me. He took an advanced electronics class when he moved from being an electrician to working with electronics. It was a lot of math, he explained, and there’s a lot of stuff in electronics that doesn’t make sense. Then he said, “I’m going to tell you something that will blow your mind.” It was what the electronics instructor told the class on the last day.

“A lot of this stuff is pure friggin’ magic.”

As soon as he spoke those words, I felt the convergence of the old world and New Earth, where magic is how everything happens. Once we get out of the logical mind and follow the heart, what we are feeling, we enter the realm of magical creation.

The root of the word magic is the Latin magi, from Old Persian magush, meaning to have power. The word imagination has the same root, which is why we are now using our inherent powers of imagination to dream our new worlds. As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” It’s the foundation of our power.

img_1433-225x300The old world is transforming into the New Earth, beginning to use its rules, as we reinvent the old ways with new. As we create anew, and as we remember what we are capable of, we’re seeing our heart-felt creations happen right in front of us.

The world around us is beginning to mirror the amazing environments that we have created for ourselves, where yes, magic is how things work. In fact, the more you open to the process being magical, the more you expand past your old beliefs about how things have to happen.

Are you starting to experience this?

We are beginning a relationship with our cosmic self and getting to know our magnificent potential. We’re letting go of any limiting framework, so that we can embrace this bright, shiny being who just happens to be made of a whole lot of love and light and stardust. We are acknowledging that in our hearts, we want peace.

We are beginning to share who we really are with people we know and meet. We’re learning that others are ready to hear the new story. In fact, people are naturally opening to this, guided by the changes taking place within them. Their own seeds of awareness are sprouting and their awakening consciousness is drawn to the light.

I never expected my cable TV service person to talk to me about magic. But my TV signal actually corrected itself a short time before he arrived. The magic was already working. How much more magic can we all create?

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  1. Reblogged this on silverangelswings and commented:
    Now that makes sense to me!! My partner is having problems with the TV in the bedroom, it is an old TV & keeps turning itself off. Also, in the last 18 months we have had problems with – the Water Heater, washing machine (twice), microwave blew up, set top box died, & 3 weeks before Xmas, the fridge stopped cooling! Now this……..no cash to replace. lucky we have a great Charity who had the washing m/c fixed & got us a re-con fridge!
    Magic indeed….maybe I’ll tell him to unplug & re-plug!
    Re-blogging this on Silver Angels Wings….
    Peace and Love
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


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