Meditation Is Mind-Body Therapy


From Earth We Are One, February 6, 2016

Meditation has a profound effect on our body. This ancient form of inner-world connection provides us a moment to attune with our cosmic self.   Explore the science behind why this connection benefits our ability to process information in our outer-world experiences. 

A Long List of Benefits

Because we are a complete mind-body system and capable of connecting to the deepest regions in our experience, meditation benefits our whole body experience.

The simple act of reducing stress resonates throughout the body—improving cardiovascular, immune and metabolic health.

On the metabolic (cellular) level, meditation can reduce the affects of cell damage and dysfunction.

Regular meditation is shown to reverse damage to telomeres, the fragile strings of DNA at the end of chromosomes associated with cellular aging…. In addition, research has shown decreased inflammation and increased energy.

The Effect Of Meditation On Our Brain

Physically, meditation increases cortical gyrification – which means, as our cerebral cortex folds in on itself our brain increases it’s ability to process information.

The cerebral cortex controls memory, consciousness, thought processing, decision-making and awareness. Gyrification creates folds in the cerebral cortex that improve neural processing.

As a result, our ability to process external information, focus on tasks, retrieve memories and make decisions increases.

…UCLA researchers compared people who meditated regularly with those who did not meditate at all. For those who meditated, gyrification was widespread, affecting emotional and mental health, as well as cognitive function. Increased gyrification was also found in areas linked to introspection and compassion, which confirms such effects reported by many people who regularly practice meditation.

In other words… gyrification increases the more you meditate.

Beginning Meditation

If you are not meditating, I recommend you start! The hard part will be finding ways to incorporate it into your daily life. Think of it as taking time for you. Ten minutes a day is enough to bring significant benefits.

A great beginning is the Shamantha meditation.  This meditation focuses on your breath.

It is common to hear that the breath is the way inward … in the journey to find the cosmic connection to your higher self.

Follow this beginning Shamantha meditation … and may peace follow your path.

sources –, Dr. Isaac Eliaz

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