If We Want a Lightworker Culture….

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, January 14, 2016

I’ve been asked by a brilliant and dedicated lightworker to address issues that she’s expressed in an email. She’s close to giving up.

She has intense ascension symptoms and yearns to feel good in her body again. She’s tired of the ascension process.

She has no one to talk to. She has no income and faces the necessity of going back to a work world that she’s left behind in mind, body, and spirit.

There doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. If she discusses her plight with people, they suggest it’s her own fault. She doesn’t know if she’s being duped.

“The worst thing is that we [lightworkers] have no one to talk to who understands what we are going through. All I want is a decent place to live, fulfilling work, enough to eat. My dream of a New Earth seems far, far away. I held that vision since 2002. It is time for someone else to take up the reins.”

I imagine many, if not most of us, could have written sections of that email.

I feel the dismay and despair in your email, E. You’ve given it everything you’ve got and a lot more besides.There’s no more “give” left. The cupboard is bare. And you’re exhausted.

Folks, what are we to do? E’s email probably could have been written by hundreds of lightworkers. I always assume that one person, spurred on enough to write in, speaks for dozens.

I can tell you that, if it weren’t for your donations, I’d be washing dishes and not writing a blog. Not like I see washing dishes as a bad thing. I’ve enjoyed my spells at it. But I wouldn’t try to re-enter the professional world. Like E, I don’t think I could do it, knowing what I know.

Moreover, there are too few of us left here at GAoG, who haven’t followed E’s need to get re-employed, to act on any suggestions I make. I’ll make some proposals but someone else will have to take them up and act on them.

(1) E complained of having no one to talk to. We need an online sharing group that people can come to and be heard. I am discouraging people from coming onto such a group and advising the other participants. I’m suggesting a group that listens, rather than advises. People need listening way, way more than they need advice.

And not a place where a few people can come and use the occasion to shine the spotlight on themselves, get their ego needs met, come away feeling “what a good boy am I!”

Will someone organize such an online conference call, for listening purposes?

(2) We need some way of getting financial help from those lightworkers who have excess to those lightworkers who need assistance. The Hope Chest is already functioning but the general financial distress among lightworkers has meant that donations for general assistance … well, I’d best leave that up to Karen to report on … but things are hard all over; let me put it that way.

We need a more direct way of sponsoring or “patronizing” (I mean it in the Renaissance way) people who are hard at lightwork and have forfeited jobs and income to do it. Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Nostradamus all had their patrons. Without them, no one can open new frontiers, an activity which our society simply does not finance.

As lightworkers, we need to get serious about financing people like E. If we want to create a culture of lightwork, we need to pay for it.

We pay for a hairdo or a fancy car. We support Rodeo Drive and Saks Fifth Avenue. Time to support a different culture: a culture of lightwork.

(3) We need to pair people up with each other as lightworker partners – to have a supporter, a confidante, a second Self. Same gender, different gender, doesn’t matter. I’m not suggesting a dating service (although we need that too) but a sharing bond between two dedicated lightworkers. Is anyone interested in starting such a lightworker partnering service?

(4) We need employment agencies for lightworkers, in every city. This can itself be a source of employment. Working in research and development, education, training, communication, in innovation, green technology, free energy, etc. In other words, in arenas where we can still do lightwork and hone our lightworker skills.

(5) We need lightworker exchanges – perhaps a basement in your community? – where goods, clothing, appliances, etc., not needed, can be exchanged to assist lightworkers to remain at their posts. The lightworkers running it could take a percentage for their own maintenance.

These services can be expanded after the Reval and applied more widely in the community, if people wish. For now, we’re simply trying to keep the Blue Army alive and together through the longest wait. Many years on the banks of the Jordan without being able to pass over.

(6) I’ll even need help to answer the emails generated by this call to action. Is there someone willing to coordinate this whole effort and take it away from me so I can be spared to just write? Unless there is, I couldn’t run it.

(7) We need to bond as lightworkers. That’s the next step in our collective process, according to the Arcturians in the Jan. 15, 2016 Hour with an Angel. Anything, they said – any activity, any form of communication, any partnering – needs to promote this process of lightworkers bonding now. It’s important because the planet needs unity consciousness and lightworkers are the only ones who’ve heard that message, know how the whole thing fits together, and stand a chance of extending our own group boundaries and bonding to be ready for the planetary reconstruction that will result from our unity.

The clarion call has gone out and only those who read channeled messages will have heard it. This willingness to remain with the sources who claim they are coordinating a consciousness shift, introduction of new human/galactic species to us, and the redistribution of the planet’s wealth speak through channeled messages and so we’re the only ones who’d have heard that message.

That’s why it’s so important that we act because we know what the plan is and most of the world’s population does not.

If we want to create a lightworker culture, we have to pay for it and we have to take a responsible role in creating it ourselves.

If we’re to build Nova Earth we need you, E. We don’t want to lose you. And so we’re now at work on it, just as you asked.

Partners? Especially a coordinator?


  1. I don’t disagree with him. But geez, maybe we just need for events to get on with it. I am so tired, and after this many years (a few more than E), I now wonder if I am living a pipe dream. I can’t imagine what the people of the 60’s era feel. I make a living, can’t complain too much, so I don’t have that issue. But I am so very tired. It’s like carrots dangling on a stick “stick it out a little longer! It’s coming!” Gets old. Thanks for letting me vent ❤


  2. I would love to do conference calls. I have excellent deep listening skills.I am a nurse coach and have always been a good listener. My challenge would be technical, for I do not have experience setting up and running a conference call, thus would need help in this area. If I can be of assistance I would be honored to do so


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