Get Out Of The Materialism Trap NOW

Get Out Of The Materialism Trap NOW

By Erin Janus, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

Materialism is an addiction. It is a sickness. And it’s one of the only sicknesses that appears to sparkle and shine. This is because it is an addiction of material possessions that appeal to the eye; nothing more, nothing less.

When I got an apartment a couple years ago, I succumbed to the material dimension pretty strongly, and like most of us in the Western world, was baited for it my whole adolescence through movies, magazines, media and adults in my life. In my own subtle ways, I became another significant contributor to the material machine.

Women generally fall for it in the form of home décor, clothes, shoes and accessories they don’t need, and men for the luxury cars, TVs, and other fancy gadgets. However, regardless of gender, I don’t know too many people who have stepped out of their materialistic goals and fantasies and chosen to work towards generosity rather than their own selfishness and greed. Something, God perhaps, woke me up. And now, here is my attempt to wake you up too. Materialism is no joke. It is a trap. Get out now.

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