Steve Beckow: Find the Ones Who Haven’t Given Up. They’re the Future

Tomorrowland 22By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!

My New Year started early when I watched Tomorrowland recently. (Yes, I know it’s been out for a while! I’m slow.)

Every New Year brings us closer to the advent of Nova Earth, which I can’t help thinking Tomorrowland, with its talk of “other dimensions,” making the world work, etc., was a reflection of.

No, this is not an ad for the movie, but it is an ad for Nova Earth, our Tomorrowland.

In our world as it was, the dark cabal wanted to subject us to a nuclear World War III to have the place to themselves with the survivors acting as slaves. It’s the Sumerian Version of a New World Order.

In the world of Tomorrowland, the dark’s equivalent is bringing an end to life on this planet because people are irrevocably connected to greed, anger, predation, etc. The dark doesn’t want its brave new world infected.

By the end of the movie, George Clooney and his companions have brought about an end to the dark’s rule and begun a search for “dreamers,” people who can engineer the birth of a new Tomorrowland.

“Find the ones who haven’t given up,” Clooney instructs his new recruiters. “They’re the future.” (1)

You and I haven’t given up. We’re the dreamers.

Hope flows through a pipeline that’s clean but can’t get through one that’s blocked. That’s why we’re discussing cleansing ourselves of our vasanas and conditioning right now.

Many lightworkers have given up because it’s too long a wait, we’ve had no acceptable tangible proof that all this is happening, and other similar reasons.

Those lightworkers who are committed and/or who’ve cleaned their pipes so that hope can continue to flow, soldier on.

And they continue because there’s still gas in their tanks and that gas is hope.

That gas can be depleted by encountering continual cynicism from others, especially our family, who want to cure us of our “fantasies.”

The cynical call hope “hopium.” They ask us to “face up to reality.” They say we live in the future and not in the Now.

But our mission is to build that very future. And by and large we’re not cynical. We’re open … and hopeful.

We’ve satisfied our criteria for accepting that which doesn’t fit empirical-materialist criteria (only what we can see, hear, etc., is real).

After all, few of us have ever seen an angel or a galactic, whose messages we read on the Internet. Few of us have experienced the higher dimensions (in this lifetime). We’re all of us going on faith until things materialize.

But we’re attuned to the resonance of truth within our being. We can feel when something is true, whether or not we can see the one who spoke it or dictated it to a channel.  We’re also attuned to seeing our upsets lift in the face of truth, the truth having set us free. We draw upon these ways of being to keep our faith strong.

Pondering the truth when we see it leads us to commit to the vision that the unseen speakers set before us.

That vision is of a world that works for everyone, not like this world we’ve inhabited, engineered by the dark, which doesn’t work save for a privileged few. Not like the attitude that nothing can be done about the starvation, disease, and lack of opportunity that’s tolerated in – and even designed into – our world at present. (2)

And not like the attitude that we don’t matter and haven’t the worthiness to insist that wealth be redistributed, health care and education be available for all, and that all beings have equal opportunity in a setting where barriers to advancement and satisfaction are brought down.

Who are we to talk, you ask? We are the free and sovereign citizenship of Planet Earth.  This is our planet.

Enough of us keep hope alive to provide the permission the higher beings need to bring about new forms, in partnership with us. They won’t foist a new world on us. We have to participate because this is our land, our world.

The human spirit is in the end indomitable, no matter how powerful the dark was and still is. Here they are at this late date foisting upon people the lie that extraterrestrials are here to destroy us. (3) But the human spirit is tough enough to take that kind of misinformation and discard it.

To all of those who’ve kept hope alive through this longest wait we’ve ever had to endure, nice work.

Once things begin to move, the cynical will shed their attitude or be left behind.

And, yes, we’ll have to swallow the desire to say “I told you so” and simply accept the return of the ones who ridiculed us with grace.

That’s the price lightworkers pay for having their dream come true of a world that works for everyone.

“It isn’t hard to knock down a big evil [cabal] that’s telling everybody that the world is going to end.

“What is hard is figuring out what to build in its place.” (4)


(1) Tomorrowland at

(2) Witness the mandmade pandemics manufactured at Fort Detrick which the cabal has designed into our worlds, or the chemtrails that sicken, or the HAARP-induced weather warfare that killed thousands if not millions. All of these were deliberate, manmade disasters.

(3) I watched the new Star Wars with Sitara last night and the trailers featured several films like Independence Day 2, which depicted extraterrestrial as out to get us. They aren’t out to get us. When will the Illuminati stop selling us this lie?

(4) Tomorrowland, ibid.

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