11 Tips To Eliminate Your Daily Stress

By Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution, November 3, 2015

Stress is something that I’d say we’ve all had to deal with at various points in our life. Some of us more than others, depending on a variety of different factors, with our reaction to it often being a predominant one. If left untreated, stress can actually develop into of a number of challenges within the body, including an overall burnt out feeling.

Luckily, stress is something that can be managed and eliminated if dealt with properly. Check out the list below for some effective ways I’ve found to reduce or eliminate stress from your life:

1. Meditate

This seems obvious, but the benefits of regular meditation are outstanding! The great thing about meditation is that it can pretty much be practiced anytime, anywhere, and it is an instant stress reliever. If you are able to get into a regular routine with meditating daily, it is very likely that your stress levels won’t only lower, but you’ll find that things that would normally stress you out don’t even bother you. Check out How To Meditate: 6 Methods That Can Get Anyone Meditating.

2. Nature

There is evidence to show that walking in nature actually changes the chemistry of the brain. In my own experience it is almost impossible to be walking through nature and to feel stressed out at the same time. It’s important to get out there as often as you can and to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Read How Walking In Nature Actually Changes The Brain.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to get out of your head and into your body. It allows you to completely focus on each movement and totally escape whatever stressful thoughts may be lurking inside of you. Plus, it’s an excellent workout and goes hand in hand with meditation, as it’s a very meditative practice.

4. Exercise

Specifically, time on a punching bag. This activity can be an amazing form of stress relief! A lot of people punch walls or doors when they are really worked up about something, so you might as well put that aggression to good use and burn some calories while you’re at it. You’ll feel better, for sure.

5. Deep Breathing

If you feel like you’re about to explode, you may just need to take a few deep breaths in order to calm down. Consider trying out the “4-7-8 Method” as recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds, holding it in for 7 seconds and then breath out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Try to breathe into your stomach rather than your chest, and repeat until you feel calm. It shouldn’t take too long.

6. Big ol’ Belly Laugh

Nothing takes you out of a stressful situation like a deep belly laugh! Get together with friends, or watch some funny videos on YouTube, whatever it takes to get a smile on your face! 😀

7. Bath Time

Light some candles, put on some classical music, and hop in the tub for a relaxing bubble bath! You can even practice your meditation skills while doing this at the same time. I always find myself coming out feeling completely relaxed and hopefully, stress free.

8. Essential Oils

There are many essential oils that can help to relieve stress, with some of the best being lavender, geranium and chamomile. Try diffusing some essential oils to create a calm relaxing environment or add them to your bubble bath!

9. Cozy Up With A Cup Of Tea

Try a nice warm mug of chamomile, kava, catnip, or lemonbalm to help you relax after a long stressful day! Curl up on your couch with a nice fuzzy blanket and enjoy your tea.

10. Limiting Caffeine Consumption

Too much caffeine consumption can lead to a rapid heartbeat and an increase in blood pressure. Coffee is known to cause anxiety and it can also keep you up at night. Consider limiting yourself to one caffeinated beverage per day, and try to drink it in the morning or early afternoon so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

11. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

We all know that sleep is important for a number of reasons, and not just the amount but also the quality of sleep that you’re getting will make a huge impact on your overall well-being. If you wake up tired, it will likely cause you to be more irritable during the day, which can easily lead to stress. Read Looking For A Good Sleep? Don’t Do These Things Before Bed.

You got this.

Much Love

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