Video: The System Is Beyond Repair

Here, I talk about Bernie Sanders and the idea that the system can’t be repaired by any politician. It has to come down so the people can create something new together, but we can’t change anything if we put all of our faith into any presidential candidate.

The Anti-Media article I read aloud can be found here:


  1. Hi Wes, Were you aware of the Global Oneness Day Conference Saturday October 24? There were discussions about progressive business as well as changes happening in society Was very upbeat and encouraging Lots of spiritually motivated persons speaking (volunteered!!!) Like Michael Beckwith, Neil Donald Walsch, Marrianne Williamson, Dr. Jean Houston, Iyanla Vanzant etc. etc Wonderful to know there are people making a difference (as we each hope to in our own way) Keep up the videos Thanks Liz


    • That’s awesome, Liz! I would’ve loved to participate. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more gatherings like that as the awakening picks up pace, and I’m looking forward to them. Thanks for sharing!

      much love 🙂


  2. Great video !!! Thank you Wes ❤
    Yes, I absolutely agree with what you say. No one within this system is going to "cure" it. It has to go.
    People like Bernie Sanders do help voice issues that used to remain in the fringes of societal discussions. So, in this sense, it's positive.
    I stopped voting, and refuse to feed the system, so here I'm with you 100 percent ! Change will come thru us, with us 🙂
    Lots of love to you. I am becoming a big fan of your videos. Just find your pace, don't push yourself 🙂


    • Thanks Brianna! We aren’t the only ones who know the system can’t be repaired, and people all across the country (and in various other countries) are also refusing to keep feeding it. Like you said, we’re the ones who can change the world and that’s exactly what we’ll do!

      Much love 🙂


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