Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: What Cannot Be Dreamed of in the Human Heart?

Heavenletters.org, October 11, 2015

God said:

Here is an idea I would like you to remove from your heart and mind and from the world at large. I beseech you to remove this false impression. You must. For the success of the world, you must.

Here is the idea I ask you to get out of your belief system. It is the idea that there is anything that exists that is too good to be true. There is nothing too good to be true.

When you embrace the concept that all good can be true, you lift a caul off the world, and you lift the vibration of the world.

Anything is possible. Anything. What miracles will you allow into the world? What miracles will you invite? What miracles will you reach for?

What are you thinking when you are convinced and seek to convince others that the world is filled with volumes of what you consider too good to be true?

Because you have not yet seen what you think may be too good to be true – because you have not yet witnessed ongoing miracles before your very eyes in the name of Truth  – because the world at large has not yet accepted the presence of miracles in daily life – it seems that you and the world deny the very evidence that miracles exist. Beloveds, how can what does not, in fact, exist be refuted!

I will tell you that many greatnesses have occurred, and they occur again and again. They will be seen to occur more often when the consciousness of the world does not block the very idea of them.

It is not new that the lame can walk. What in the created world is not a miracle? A tree? A flower? A human being? What gall makes you believe that miracles are not possible and, even, easily possible?

There are those who believe that I do not exist, and many people have the idea that they know more than I do. I cannot believe that belief in absence of miracles is heralded as though abstaining from miracles is wise and to be applauded.

What you believe in is what you believe in. What you don’t believe in may be what you and the world have convinced yourselves to not believe in. You have ultimately convinced yourself. The way it is, whatever you believe in or don’t believe in, you believe, and you would like it if the rest of the world would  believe the sensible way you do. It would seem that there is a certain comfort in numbers.

Thoughts can change. Thoughts will change. That you are drawn to opening the drawer of your beliefs will turn the world upside down, or, shall I say once again, right-side up?

Better to believe in what is helpful. But, look, you don’t really have to believe in something for it to be true. Just admit the possibility exists. I don’t want you to say you believe when you don’t. You just don’t have to build a case for not believing.

What can be dreamed of in the hearts of men can come true. What can be dreamed of in the hearts of men can become everyday occurrences and not just once in a lifetime.

Open your mind, and open your thoughts to all possibilities.

What do you refuse to believe that the world will be freed from illness? Why would you state that illness will always be man’s fate and why would you hold on to raggedy illness? It can seem that you invent new ideas that will make illness an idea of the past. Ideas are just ideas, yet ideas are significant and make their mark.

If nothing on Earth is permanent, if even life on Earth is not permanent, certainly doesn’t have to be permanent illness.

The word No is a blocker in the world. Do not fortify blockages.

The lamb and the lion are already lying down together.

And yet you scoff. Scoff at your old limiting beliefs instead. Open up the gateways of the world and let new ideas in. Give them a chance. Let Me in.

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