Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: This Is Wisdom – to Laugh!

Heavenletters.org, October 2, 2015

God said:

Have you noticed that sometimes wisdom comes from those you might call fools? Being a fool is not always such an errant thing. Everyone should be a fool at sometime or another in his or her life. Be a fool, and laugh about it. This is wisdom.

Of course, everyone’s definition of fool is not the same. Someone who takes advantage of another thinks the one taken advantage of is the fool. I see it differently. There may be a fool in a particular situation, and there may be a fool who is a trickster in the whole range of his life. On whom would you rely? The identified fool or the clever one?

Everyone has been what is termed a fool in his life. Even saying the word fool tends to make you blush. Sometimes it seems you would rather be anything than a fool. What is so bad about being a fool? Most of the Great Ones were looked on as fools. Who is the fool? The one sneered at or the one who sneered?

How you are looked at isn’t to rule your day. Must the views of others be all that be so important to you? Look at yourself through My eyes. And be sure that you yourself look at others through My eyes as well.

Oh, yes, there are worse things than being a fool. In fact, there are wise fools. Simple is good. Simplicity gets right down to the basics. There is nothing pretentious about fools.

To worry about anything is foolish, yet worry keeps bobbing up on the surface of life. Once worry has you in its thrall, it holds you. Worry wouldn’t exist if it were not for you. Yet you may have the idea that it is wise to worry.

Worry is for worry’s sake. There is no other reason for it. Worry is no more than a nuisance. Worry is a habit bred in the past. It clogs up your life right now. Worry is predicated on the past and plagues you in the present. Worry draws pictures of a fearful future. Even if the worry should manifest, did you really have to spend all that time coaching it beforehand?

There is no dearth of matters to worry about. Big or little, worry drains you of your energy. Worries are no more than mosquitoes, yet they drag down your day. Worrying is like spending your day looking for recipes for supper that no one would like to eat.

Worry isn’t even thinking. If you were thinking, you would think about all the happiness that is coming to you. Worry seems to mean to think ahead to unwanted possibilities. Worry means to grind spoiled corn ahead of time that you don’t want anyway. Worry means to add pounds to your weight. Worry means to fear far in advance. Worry means to focus on danger. Worry means to be scared. Worry means making yourself small.

Will you kick worry out the door? When worry starts to encroach on you, let that be a signal for go out for a walk in the woods, read a story to your children, make your kitchen shine, plant a garden, soak in the tub, help your neighbor. In other words, get yourself out of worry’s domain. You owe worry nothing. Worry is a rapscallion. Better to walk away from worry.

Worry is speculation. You don’t get anywhere with worry. Worry may be the worst affliction in the Universe. How can it have grown so popular? Worry multiplies like fleas.

Worries are not rare. As a matter of fact, worries are very common. Throw away the ones you have. You can always get new ones. You can always find more. Worries proliferate.

Worries exist in your mind. Worries gravitate to you, and you gravitate to them. Truly, don’t give worries the time of day. You have better things to do in life than to worry.

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