Steve Beckow: What to Focus On?

Heart 44By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, September 8, 2015

Joy, love, happiness, satisfaction, aliveness, full self-expression – all the rewards of human growth that were held out to us by “self-help” folks over the years are now, in my view, possible for us.

I’m seeing that so clearly.

The vibrations, such as they are now, are lifting us out of the doldrums we’ve been in for most of our lives.

I personally am having breakthrough after breakthrough in my relationships. What’s causing the breakthroughs? Well, before going into that, I’d have to say it’s cumulative. Have a breakthrough in one relationship and the energy created fuels a breakthrough in another.

What’s causing them? Love. Simple as that. As the love threshhold goes up, breakthrough becomes possible. Creation is possible. Connection is possible.

On a walk today with a friend, I mimicked a dog bounding towards us and the dog’s owner broke out in a smile and joined in.  I smiled and said hello to two rather prickly-looking guys and they broke into smiles. Everywhere we went, people were more resilient, more alive, more welcoming than they have been.

It wasn’t just me and it wasn’t just them. All of us were on a higher plateau of energy.

But think about it: Joy, love, happiness, satisfaction, aliveness, full self-expression – all the things we really want are increasingly available to us.

For most people wealth is only a means by which they think they might feel ease, happiness, joy, etc. But most find out that there’s no necessary correlation between wealth and those qualities.

Or good looks or status or education – most people find out again, no necessary correlation.

But here we are: by virtue of nothing else than being on this planet and opening up to the vibrations, we’re beginning to experience these qualities in ever increasing amounts.

We lightworkers are often met with skepticism. Waiting for spaceships is fantasy. Foreign currency is mythology, monopoly money, Pi in the Sky (sorry, Andrew. Couldn’t resist).  Ascension is ridiculous.

Skeptics are not going to be conned. Consequently they focus on the need for caution, the desire to believe only the tangible and concrete, etc.

Talk about sympathetic compassion and the skeptic may say they have no money for it. Talk about love and they may say they don’t want to be hurt. On and on the standoffishness goes.

But this isn’t the lifetime to be standoffish. Skepticism closes us off to the opportunities of this epoch.

The skeptic misses the heart of the matter.  This is not a lifetime to focus on the “extenuating circumstances” and miss the heart of the matter.

What’s the heart of the matter? If we need just one thing to focus on, then I’d say that love lies at the heart of the matter. More? Sympathetic joy if our friends are in bliss. Sympathetic compassion if they’re in sorrow. Service to others if it’s mission we’re discussing – or wanting a deep, meaningful, and rewarding life.

Here’s an example of focusing on the heart of the matter and not the extenuating circumstances:  I said earlier that the projects we’ll be starting would make allowance for being scammed 15% of the time. We may even have a ledger column marked “Scams.”

Rather than depriving 85% of the people of the service in question because we’re afraid of being scammed, we’ll eat the 15% and focus instead on the service rendered to the rest.

We have to break free from the fear, mistrust, anxiety, etc., conditioned into us by a Third-Dimensional world gone awry and consciously manipulated by the cabal.

The only way I know to do that is through transformative love.

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