Steve Beckow: Lightworkers, Lightholders, and Loveholders

enlightenmentBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, September 4, 2015

I was talking to a lightholder recently and my heart soared.

They’ve rented me this lifetime to do lightwork, but then it’s back to lightholding, which is always just in abeyance with me.

Please, lightholders and loveholders, don’t feel that you’re not doing the work of the Mother and lightworkers are. In my view, the efforts of all three – lightholders, loveholders, and lightworkers – are needed for the work to be complete.

The lightholders are those who seek to fulfill the purpose of life. What’s that? The purpose of life is for us to realize our true nature. Why so? Because every time one of us realizes our own true nature, God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment.

The loveholders are those so full of love that they have to share it or die. Just think Mother Teresa and Mohandas Gandhi – or, if you like, the reincarnated St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi. (1)

The lightworkers, like us, are building the new society from its vision to its philosophy to its structures and processes.

The lightholders are like the eyes of humanity. They see the truth. The lightworkers are like the ears. They hear the cries of suffering humanity and respond. The loveholders are like the mouth. They speak the soothing words of love to those who are forlorn, along with the other burdens they carry. All of them draw on the heart for the love that fuels their work.

The lightholder in me bursts forth from time to time. It isn’t as if knowing the truth of ourselves is a neutral event. The closer we get to the truth, the more bliss we feel. And bliss is more of a reward for any effort expended than anything mental, emotional, or material that I can think of.

I recall what Maurice Bucke said:”Upon his heart fell one drop of the Brahmic Bliss, leaving thenceforward for always an aftertaste of heaven.” (2)  One drop. Why, I only feel wisps of it, not even a drop. I can only imagine what one full drop might feel like. No … I cannot imagine.

What makes lightwork so difficult is that it doesn’t necessarily result in bliss – not right away, anyways and not the way that lightholding or loveholding does. It can lead to stress and uncertainty, confusion and frustration. That makes it more challenging. But someone has to do this work and we said we would.

The Mother herself said on An Hour with an Angel  Aug. 20, 2015, that we lightworkers were to take time out for ritual, nature and other events and settings that promote introspection and meditation or we were not following her Plan. So I don’t think it was ever the intention of the Company of Heaven that lightworkers altogether avoid lightholding or loveholding.

I think that it’s more that the paths not taken become part of our character and nature (in the background of attention) and the path taken becomes part of our skill set and work (in the foreground).

But we have all three in each of us and all that differentiates us is our emphasis – the amount of each ingredient that goes to make up our individual character.


(1) Steve Beckow: Were you Mohandas Gandhi?

St. Francis: Yes, I was.

SB: Oh, my! I’m so overwhelmed to hear that. I feel so affected. Thank you.

[I later learned that I had known him in his life as St. Francis, which explains my draw to him and Assisi.]

SF: You know that you are ferreting out my secrets, do you not?  But yes, I am glad to share it with you. (“St. Francis Reveals at Least One of His Later Lives: As Mohandas Gandhi,” at

SF: You have known me in the east, yes. You have also known Clare in the east. And I do not believe she would object for me to share this. She has been Mother Teresa.  (“St. Francis Reveals at Least One of His Later Lives: As Mohandas Gandhi,” at

(2) Bucke of himself in Maurice Bucke, Cosmic Consciousness. A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind. New York: Dutton, 1969; c1901, 10.

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