Will Harader: The Ego Wants To Be Crucified

By Will Harader, The Galactic Free Press, August 24, 2015

Ego sure gets plenty of abuse nowadays, I always see people talking about how nasty it is, how the ego is the source of all our problems. It’s become the black sheep of the spiritual community, and you know what? The ego loves this.

The ego wants to be blamed for everything, that way it still gets to be the center of attention. It wants  to be abused, it’s like an unruly child, negative attention is better than no attention at all.

The ego is both the abuser and the abused, it is the sadist and the masochist. It’s certainly not your Divine Self that fights against the ego. Don’t just passively read this and believe it though, you have to catch it happening within yourself to truly understand. Look carefully at which part of yourself struggles against the ego.

Our society views suffering as something noble, something purifying. People hate suffering, but at the same time they defend their suffering. You don’t want to suffer, but at the same time you don’t think you deserve to be happy. It’s part of the madness of duality. We think the cure is somewhere hidden within the poison. No wonder real healing is so difficult for most people.

This is all rooted in our cultural mythologies, and we think we’ve transcended that kind of stuff in our modern culture but it remains buried deep within the subconscious. We’ve been given this image of God incarnate who is hated and abused by humanity. Then somehow, through his murder, humanity is “purified”. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but people take this interpretation very seriously, whether or not they believe it’s true.

So we’re left with this image of a perfect human being who went through horrible suffering to save us all. The ego emulates this enormously, and even more so when it wants to be spiritual or holy. To the ego, being persecuted, hated, beat up, and abused somehow make it Christ-like. So people think they’re defeating their ego when they’re really helping to glorify it.

Of course, actually being Christ-like means transcending the ego altogether, and while everyone knows how this is done, few actually do it. The path is Unconditional Love, which is why Jesus only gave two commandments, both of which were wholly centered around Love. Most who claim to follow Jesus are actually following this questionable interpretation championed by the Roman Empire, the Nicene Creed, instead of the commandments Jesus actually gave.

So what is the purpose of the ego? Simple, the ego is a false self so you can fit into a false world. The ego is society, and society is the collective ego. You need an ego to be part of society, to get a job and all that sort of thing. It’s an anchor into that world, which is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It’s a mask you adorn, but great care must be taken when wearing it, or you will forget yourself and get lost within the mask.

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