Steve Beckow: Speaking and Acting as Our Word


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 19, 2015

All of these discussions of clearing are in aid of us knowing how to work with ourselves when we don’t have a lot of time to consult, read, ask, etc.

When major responsibilities come to rest on us, the vasanas may go off like electrical storms. We’ll need to know how to recognize what’s happening and what to do with it. Hence what we discuss here.

I was out on my morning bike ride and noticed myself flare just very subtly. I noted that I had suddenly become angry.

But what was equally interesting was that, the moment I felt anger, I also felt shame.

And I remember something that I had known about these vasanas or home movies (Werner Erhard called them “records”) and had forgotten. They include all roles, all vantage points, all feelings.

In my home movies, my Dad was angry and we all were ashamed of him – ashamed of what he did while angry, ashamed of the wreckage he left behind, and ashamed of his refusal to take responsibility for it all.

Now in my movies, which I only see or feel in snippets, when I feel anger, which was the actor’s emotion, I also feel shame, which was the observers’ emotion. It’d also be accurate to say that anger and shame are to me like stimulus and response.

If I didn’t know this, I’d be at a loss to know why I feel angry and conflicted (ashamed) about feeling angry.  I wouldn’t be able to figure out what the feeling of shame was about or where it was coming from.

But knowing how home movies work, I can sort the matter out.

Nonetheless it’s no good to be facing a team of workers, have a home movie play, and simply understand what’s happening. In many of the situations we face, we won’t have time to process what ails us, so to speak, before needing to take a step forward.

We’re going to find ourselves needing to act without contaminating matters with our triggered reactions. That’s where committed speaking and action come in.

Sooner or later we’ll find our forward progress barred unless we know about and can demonstrate our knowledge of this way of communicating and acting.

Committed speaking includes declaring where we’re at and what we’re ready, willing and able to do.  It means taking stands. We don’t leave others guessing about our intentions or goals. We’re transparent about them, as long as prudence doesn’t dictate otherwise.

It includes making testable assertions rather than merely expressing opinions.  Opinions have very little utility or value in the world of committed action. Who cares what I think? What do I know or what am I willing to accept as a provisional truth and test out?

It includes committing ourselves, making promises, renegotiating commitments we cannot keep, etc. We’re prepared to nail our foot to the ground, follow up, and keep our word.

The basis of this way of being is that our word is count-on-able. We can be counted on to deliver on our word.

If we’re cavalier with our word, if we give it and forget it, or give it and don’t follow through, at some point we find ourselves being moved more and more from the center of things to the periphery.

For many people, acting in this way is used purposefully as a low-cost means of excusing themselves from a position of responsibility.  The selection process goes on wordlessly and, as if by miracle, the people whose word could be counted on rise to the top like cream. That applies whether we’re talking about the forces of the light or of the dark.

To summarize: Our home movies, records, vasanas, issues and upsets will continue until they don’t. As long as they do, when we’re managing large portfolios in building Nova Earth, we’ll have to skip the luxury of processing and speak and act as our committed word.

We lightworkers have the added assignment, absent in Third Dimensionality, to also act from heart-centered awareness and love. Drawing on committed speaking and acting will make it easier for us to retain as much space as possible in the busy time to remain in the center, in balance, in the heart.

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