Steve Beckow: Dipping My Bucket in the Wellspring of the Heart


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 14, 2015

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Our connection with universal Source is through the heart. We draw love up from the heart and send it out to the world.

Perhaps instead of visualizing the heart as a heart, we might visualize it as a fire hydrant because love puts out the fires of the world.

We attach our hose and open the fire hydrant by breathing up love from the heart. On the outbreath we send love out into the world like a shower of water.

If we’re having trouble envisioning oneness with all beings, as I’ve been having, perhaps see it as entering into oneness through loving all beings; sending our love from the heart out to all beings; taking all beings into our arms’ embrace; feeling oneness and love for all.

Having a heart opening, I learn, does not ensure a constant flow of love. I still have to help the process along. Another way of envisioning that help, besides a fire hydrant’s shower, would be to compare the process to lowering a bucket in a well.

I draw love up from the heart on the in-breath, like a bucket bringing water up from the well, and then send it out into the world on the outbreath, like the water being poured into an irrigation ditch.

Over the weekend I’ll be discussing a whale of a vasana I just had pass through me so these articles are not always written in order. Just so you know.

But here I want to discuss the use of the imagination to stabilize the flow of love as much as is humanly possible.

I imagine that there are two Steves – Little Steve and Big Steve.  Little Steve is the one who forgets about love. He often needs nurturing and protection because he gets himself into difficult spots and scrapes.  One could call Little Steve the constructed self, the persona, the personality.

Big Steve is the Higher Self. And Big Steve comes more and more into existence – or unveils himself – the more I have him breathe love up from the heart and send it out into the world.

It hit upon me after the ruckus that the vasana was that I could live from Big Steve exclusively. The activity of breathing love up from the heart and sending it out is like ringing the bell and he appears, if I let him, if I welcome him.

Suppose I concentrated all day on breathing love up and sending it out? Would I reinforce his presence more and more until only he remains? That’s an experiment I’d like to run.

This is not Topdog and Underdog because both of those go on within the constructed self.  They are simply what the personality says and what it wishes it had said. This peopling of my imagination is the promise of who I am unfolding.

Love is the springwater. Love is the Sun. Love is the nurturing hands of the farmer.

Love is the crop. Love is the one who sells it. Love is the one who eats it. All is love.

And the deeper I go into the experience of love, the farther away I go from all the cares and frustrations of this world. All awaits my intention, my commitment, my persistence.

Love awaits patiently, whether I dip my bucket in the wellspring of the heart today or not.

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