Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Humanity’s Heart Goes Deeper

Heavenletters.org, August 6, 2015

God said:

Life on Earth doesn’t always appear beautiful to you. Some days you may feel that you have been fed to the lions. Go deep enough below the shallow waters, and you will see more and more of the Beauty of Life blazoning across the Sun. There is more to life than its cover. When you see only the surface, you see the surface, and surface is a thin patina.

I do not deny what you see. You see it. What you see may well be reported on the news. What you have seen may well be documented by billions of people. Beneath the obvious, beneath the surface, however, may lie a treasure.

Of course, you may perceive cruelty even from innocent animals who live by instinct. Only man, so far as I know, pulls up deliberate cruelty and calls it pleasure. By far, most of My children do not favor cruelty, not by a long shot.

For most of My children, just hearing about or reading about cruelty to another hurts their hearts. Where can love come from except from a soft heart? Yet even some hard-hearted people have soft places in their hearts somewhere for someone or something.

How can We unscramble all of this life?

Life itself will sort itself out. Humanity’s heart will go deeper. Humanity will become more direct. Deviousness will fade. This is already happening, and it’s about time.

There are more and more accounts of unaccountable kindness. This, too, has become newsworthy. This is a natural progression you are witnessing. Hail to all the very good hearts in the world.

More hearts are rising. More of My Will is displayed. And so the extant world becomes more like Heaven. When hearts rise, Earth also rises. It is not for Heaven to come down to Earth. It is for Earth to rise. Why should Heaven come down to Earth? In the case of angels, wherever they may be, they are risen on their wings.

I will tell you unequivocally that there are angels on Earth, those you don’t see. It is no myth that there are guardian angels. And then there are human angels that you see and do not yet recognize as they stand right before you. They have saved your necks on occasion. They have filled your heart with a sandwich, We could say, to tide you over. Angels are rays of My light. They watch over you out in the world, even as you are stabilized in My heart.

There is a lot that goes on in the world that you have no idea of. You really don’t know all the goodness and mercy there is in the world. You may not even know the part you play. You almost assuredly do not. You do not know what suffering of others you may absorb and/or alleviate. You may observe yourself as filled with smallness and pettiness, yet you do not know all the good that you do. You don’t know.

Human beings are human beings. Human beings also have souls. Your souls don’t cavort or lead marches. Your souls quietly assuage disturbance in the human plane far and wide. Your soul is not confined to a body. Your soul is not confined at all. You don’t know what your soul, yes, you, your soul, is doing when you are sound asleep. You do not have to know. It doesn’t matter if you know or not. Your soul is more advanced than you concede. It may be time that you start to concede.

How do you concede? Look higher, beloveds, look higher. And you will begin to spot the height of the soul that you call yours. Even then, you probably won’t perceive the extent of the soul within you that I know.

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