Steve Beckow: What was Inside is Now Outside

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, August 5, 2015
I’ve just been through a spiritual regression healing session with Nora Yolles-Young, me in Vancouver and her down in Texas.Heavens, do I feel a world better.
The bulk of the work was to shift me from being a warrior to being a peaceful person.I used the device of my past life as the General representing the warrior and my past life as a Monk representing the peaceful person.

Nora walked me through each chakra, cleansing it of whatever negativity was there. In some chakras it was aggression; in others, guardedness, irritability, hatred, disillusionment, or despair.I saw each patch as a core of negativity and encapsulated it in metal and put it outside the door for the Divine Mother to take away and transmute.I ended up feeling more peaceful than I ever have in my life. And not just peaceful as in having a peaceful day. There is not even a residuum of negativity in me at this moment and I’m betting on matters staying this way.

I’ve been in the warrior phase all my life and it’s had definite usefulness during the period when we were exposing and fighting the cabal. But when the cabal begin sinking under the waves, their secret hideaways destroyed, their money “liberated,’ and their fancy toys (nuclear bombs, spaceships, HAARP, etc.) rendered useless, there was no more need for warriors.

I didn’t just become unemployed. I became purposeless.

This new suit of light, rather than a suit of armor, is wonderful to experience. Peacefulness is like a garden in which flowers like love, unity, gentleness, joy and grace bloom.   Nothing much blooms in a garden that warriors have churned up and turned to mud.

The highlight of the process was an experience that felt like an inversion of consciousness. I began by pulling my senses and attention away from the world and into me as a tortoise withdraws its flippers and head into its shell.

I went deeper and deeper inside myself until I felt an inversion of consciousness. It was as if I did a back flip, simultaneously turning myself inside out in the process.

Now what was outside was inside and what was inside was outside. The General was gone and the Monk was now here.

Other changes? My love is flowing more freely again. Not sure how long this will last given how complicated life is becoming. But I welcome it and learn as much as I can from it while the space lasts.

One thing I see is that, in this space of peacefulness, I can wrap my love around my loneliness and my loneliness disappears. (1)

Peacefulness unto itself does not dispel loneliness. But it allows the transformative love to flow that does dispel it.

Peace is an enabling space. Love is its active agent. Or so it seems.

I’m thrilled. Thank you, Nora. Of course I’d like to give you her contact details. I’d like the whole world to go through the same process but there is only one Nora. Not enough to go around, unless more people take up practices such as these.

Nora’s site is:


(1) Another way of dissolving loneliness, I discovered, was by chanting Aum.  I asked Archangel Michael about this in my latest reading (Aug. 3):

Steve: I just by chance, lapsed into chanting “Om” and chanting it in a way that I learned from a swami in India, which is different from the way most people do it. That seemed to help.

AAM: Because you are connected with sacred sound. Understand what we have begun to talk about and we have encouraged the channel to begin to share: sound as enchanting, as in music, as in sacred sound, the same as light, same as even is what you think of as art, has the ability… What you are doing when you are in this is Saedor.

When you are in the realm of sacred sound, and that includes not only positioning, posture, tongue position etc., when you are truly in sacred sound and it is within you and it is without and you are surrounded by the vibration of the sacred and the connection to One, you are connected to the heart of love. So, that is why it is helping you and we would encourage you to keep going.

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