Louis Bianchi: How to Access Your Inner Sun

s2By Louis Bianchi, Spirit Science, July 4, 2015

You are the light in this universe, infinite and potent. Your pure being is perfect and guided, moment-by-moment, by your own awareness only in this present moment. You are the warm caress of love to every manifestation and each one of them becomes a playground of infinite possibility and love in your heart, the more you access this inner being.

We’ve learned to practice defining the reality in hopes that it will provide us with an understanding of it. These definitions have become belief and we create from this perspective, boxing ours experience into that small shell of beliefs. To break free of this is to be completely naked and vulnerable in this moment, a being rather than a self.

10581068_789878444401953_1030198437_nAs you begin to silence these beliefs, as well as your mind, you begin to set into motion a process of pure transmutation. This transmutes all experience into pure awareness and gives much elation and flow to your expression.

All you have to do is be silent and allow yourself to become all that you are in this present moment, a pure and naked awareness. The more you allow yourself to feel the warmth generated from your heart space, the true center of this awareness, then the more your expression lights up with the pure love that is the extension of your being.

This practice is both a meditation and a way of living out the process of accessing more deeply, your pure awareness in the present moment. It is called Accessing Your Inner Sun because it allows you to feel the energy and warmth of the suns warm caress throughout your being and all manifestation.

The first step in accessing this is to silence the conceptualization in the present moment. You must begin by objectively noticing the arising of your thoughts and silencing them. You need not to judge and/or conceptualize this moment to know what to do with it, for your awareness is perfect. Cease the worry for the future, for anything you want takes place in the present moment.

For most, that is the first step. You must be willing to allow all experience to happen to you from all angles.  As you grow in closeness to this silence, your power over your beliefs is strengthened and your mind’s bond with pure awareness grows. Judgment can be looked at as the conceptualization of something’s polarity.

Once you begin to exist as this being of pure light, you can begin to program this awareness and light to flow in any way you intend. This is the setting of your intention into your light being. This allows the active presence of pure awareness or god or the “I AM Presence” to flow in the direction you want.


Belief is something that we are conditioned, mostly unknowingly; to think we need in order to manifest. It is, like said, a conjunction of definition and judgment that we use as a security blanket from fear of the unknown. This security blanket becomes somewhat of a noose for a lot of people, or a confined steel box, to lighten up the metaphor. Reality is quite the opposite of the static and solid definition we place on it and definitely not polarized, like our judgments like to tell us.Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 1.882

Polarity is a tough cookie to recognize because it connects us to feeling and emotion: the ‘good’ produces good feelings that we don’t want to lose because the ‘bad’ is something we fear. There is no mistake in the universe, that is the truth behind this all.

There is creation from unconsciousness and a non-release to being which intern creates discord and sort of ‘proves’ something to be ‘bad.’ There is fleeting ‘happiness’ and ‘good’ experiences that also creates discord and proves that there is ‘good.’

We get so attached to the good experiences that we’re always scraping to attract that same goodness or on the flip side, attached to the bad experiences rather than releasing them, so therefore we run.

Our judgment is what tells us to run or to scrape and neither is necessary. This life is what you want. In judgment, you fight law of attraction and are subject to the flip back and fourth to a seemingly never ending chase for that ‘good’ and a run from the ‘bad.’

Definition is also quite a difficult concept to let go of because we’re conditioned to think that we do not know anything. We define everything in spite of its truly ever-changing nature. Our language is very definite and is probably the number one confusion and delusion when taken as truly definite.

Think about it, the chair or bed or floor you’re sitting on is in fact a floor, dirt, oil, and water combination. It is many things and that will change: it can grow mold, be worn, and have something added to it, etc.… the fact of the matter is that NOTHING CAN BE DEFINED. Especially you! You only use what you need to get what you want to: this is truly your only concern and definition – it is moment by moment, so in the end, it is also undefined.

accept the world 6Conceptualization is your definition filtered through judgment in terms of your use of what the moment brings to you. We are beings that are constantly experiencing the entire universe, concentrated in this time and place: you already know everything. You’re here to explore and express, to create.

You are not here to fight polarity and law off attraction. You are not here to define the reality. You certainly don’t need to have a verbal conceptualization of what you want either. You are feeling everything and are made of divine love.

You are a being in time-space, while a master of time-space. The more you feel yourself rather than thinking yourself into manifestation, the more you become all that you are as a being – this takes you farther, brings more abundance, and fosters your growth as a spirit to be able to manifest what was thought to be unthinkable.


2594Transmutation is the process of relieving darkness or unconsciousness from your being and the universe through silence and allowing these thoughts/feelings to pass in the present moment. The problem in today’s psychological practices is that it emphasizes talking about these “problems” that are truly just resistance. The truth – talking about these delusions gives them legitimacy in the mind.

Beating the drum of your or our history only attracts that same vibration. What you’re actually desiring is to fight something that was never there, all resistance is but a delusion of the mind: this is actually violent by nature because you’re trying to rid yourself of an experience that you chose to perceive as debilitating and as we all know: you can not change the past.

By looking past it and being where you are, allowing these vibrations to pass while on your path of light, you’re allowing your self to sink into the infinite possibilities of your path and the universe.

It is direct access to your inner being, allowing the connection with your higher selves and guides. This allows all that you’ve come to be to come into action, including that which is part of you in the rest of the universe.

Allow yourself to be silent in all endeavors, allowing the pure light and love of your being to purify your awareness to divine unconditional love. This attention is so powerful that you instantly understand that which you’re giving attention to and its place in your expression. This is truly how you learn about the reality, learning and experiencing your involvement in it without a doubt.

The Light Body or Your Inner Sun

SONY DSCAs you delve deeper into pure presence within your being, you gain an unspeakable perspective of light on all matters – yes, silently with no judgment, definition or verbal conceptualization. Your being is an extension of the great source thought, intention, or energy that created the universe.

Your being knows no definition for it knows the indefinite nature of the universe and truly, that everything is an extension of the great source [or god].

This presence within you is capable of what was thought to be unthinkable for so long and the cherry on top is that it feels absolutely amazing. There is not one shed of doubt, no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ no ‘future’ and ‘past’ – just pure, naked awareness in this present moment.


Programming your light body is simply placing your intention into your being at a deliberate level. When you access your inner light being, which is a feeling (or can even be a visceral experience for some) that you recognize as stillness or completely silent presence, start trying to place your intention as a programming like a computer for your being to expedite.

Lights of ideas

The more you slow down your process and live out each step of manifestation to the fullest, you can access new ideas that were once unthinkable as well as make each step more deliberate and direct.

In meditation [or just high focus and receptiveness, in or out of meditation], through programming your intention, you can even begin to connect to higher energies to receive information, work with energy centers around the planet, or any type of light work you choose.

The best part – no one needs to confirm this work besides YOU. You just have to simply allow it to be and come from your inner, perfect being.

The Meditation

This is a direct and focused meditation and also a way of living a meditation. You can either directly apply it, allow it to come to you out of direct meditation, or both.598979_3374594323305_584329617_n

  • Sit or stand comfortably and imagine a string pulling the crown of your head to the sky to align and bring comfort to the spine
  • Bring your attention to the breath and begin to make it more gentle and deep, breathe life and light into the body to ease any and all tension – Allow complete bodily comfort to arise, even scanning the body with your awareness
  • When your body becomes completely comfortable, begin to bring your awareness to the mind and thought
  • Begin to objectively observe the thoughts, like clouds passing through a beautiful blue sky – do not judge them, do not define them or halt them, do not conceptualize, just let them be
  • When this becomes comfortable, begin to gently let the thoughts taper off into silence – if you have trouble with this, do a mental mantra on each inhale and exhale (i.e. “presence” mentally on inhales and “now” mentally on exhales)
  • Once your mind has become silent, rest in it for a few moments and feel the clarity and presence
  • Begin to let your awareness seep down to your heart center and just feel the subtle and perfect presence of love in about and around your being – allow this love to radiate to all places around you, simply release to this feeling and know that this is who you are
  • Once you know that you are in this space, you can begin to program your intention into your light body as well
  • Whether you begin programming or not, just rest in this presence for as long as you would like – this is who you are, this is your light and extension of the great source awareness

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