No Matter What We Seek

By Wes Annac

No matter what we seek, we’re really seeking love.

No matter what glittering external thing catches our attention and causes us to temporarily forget who we really are, it only attracts us because it holds an infinitesimal fraction of the love we can find in abundance if we look within.

We think we’re happy when we’re on a materialistic high, but the happiness we’re chasing is finite and will always run out, whereas the love we find within is eternal and will constantly nourish and replenish us. When we turn to love, we find that elusive part of ourselves we’ve forgotten about and our true fulfillment returns.

Let’s look deep within for love instead of hinging it on material things, because it’s definitely looking for us. It’s waiting for us to reconnect with it, and when we do, life will change in an instant. So let’s dive on in!

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