Andrea Schulman: 4 Ways to Teach the Law of Attraction to Young Children

By Andrea Schulman, Conscious Life News, June 26, 2015

Most parents, grandparents, relatives (and teachers!) want the very best for their children.  Caring adults want kids to thrive.  Luckily, any adult can learn how to teach the  Law of Attraction to young children, and this is a valuable skill that can help a child succeed in life with health, wealth and happiness.

With the Law of Attraction, positive thoughts, beliefs, and expectations create prosperous and successful realities.  When we train our children to direct their thoughts, beliefs and expectations in a positive way, these kids learn to dream big and manifest the things they really want out of life, while avoiding many common limiting beliefs at the same time.

Here are four steps you can use to help teach the Law of Attraction to the children in your life!

Please note: Though this article is written with young children in mind, this advice can also translate for teenagers with a little bit of tweaking.

1. Support imagination.

One of the great things about kids is that they already tend to think “bigger” than adults, and this is because they have highly active imaginations. Big dreams create big lives, so by supporting a child’s imagination you will help him or her achieve great things with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction can create some hangups with adults because we have often learned to keep our heads out of the clouds.  Eventually, many of us only dare to dream about “reasonable” goals.  Because we have been trained to be realistic, many of us stop going after the big dreams, and this limits our ability to create some really awesome stuff in life.

To avoid passing this limitation to the next generation, take advantage of a young child’s imagination!  Send the message that imagination is valuable and that anything is possible.

For example, instead of telling your granddaughter her imaginary friend is “just make-believe,” ask her questions about the friend as if you believe there is a possibility the friend really exists.  Instead of laughing in amusement when your son tells you he will be a superhero, act as if you believe it’s possible with a more serious tone.   Give the impression that all dreams are realistic and worth considering.

As adults, we often subconsciously shut down our children’s imaginations because our words and actions imply that big dreams are unbelievable and unachievable.  Through promoting imagination, we help our children improve their Law of Attraction skills, as believing in one’s dreams is a necessary step in the process of manifestation.

2. Point out manifestations as they occur.

There are lots of little manifestations that occur every day, and if we get in the habit of pointing them out, our kids will begin to logically understand the principle that thoughts become things.

For example, if you were talking to your daughter about Mickey Mouse and then a moment later you see a Mickey Mouse billboard on the side of the road, you might take the opportunity to point out the relationship between thoughts and reality.  You might say something like  “Look! We were just talking about Mickey Mouse.  We made him show up!” or “You used your magic to bring Micky Mouse to us!”

As often as you can, remind your child(ren) that they are responsible for the manifestations coming their way.

Kids love this kind of stuff because, unlike many adults, they still believe in magic.  Keep the magic alive by pointing out evidence of it, even in its smallest forms.

 3. End the day on a positive note.

To become a master of the Law of Attraction, a positive mindset is critical.  To encourage a more positive mindset, teach children to end each day on a high note by reflecting on the best things that happened during the day.

If you are a parent, you could do this at bedtime.  If you are a teacher, you could do this at the end of class.  If you are a relative or friend, you could do it at the end of a phone call or visit.

As a parent, I always use this strategy right before bed.  Right before lights out, I’ll pointedly ask my son and daughter “what was the best thing that happened today?” or I will remind them about something good that happened.  I might bring up a joke we all laughed at earlier, or mention a new skill one of them learned that day.

This strategy is great because not only does it help a child cultivate a positive mindset, but it also creates additional opportunities for you to bond together.

4. Practice gratitude together.

Gratitude is also a key component of mastering the Law of Attraction.  When we are thankful for the things that have gone well for us, we attract more things that will go well for us.  Teaching gratitude to our children is extremely powerful.

So make an effort to teach your kid(s) to say thank you, and also set aside specific times to practice gratitude together.  Perhaps every night at dinner time you could go around the table and talk about what you are each grateful for.  You could also practice “gratitude conversations” on the way to school, or while you’re out running errands.  Find a time that works for you and your kid(s) and start a daily routine of offering thanks together.

The more we practice gratitude with our children, the more they will practice it on their own as they get older.

While implementing these four steps to teach the Law of Attraction, it’s good to remember that as we age, we often pick up limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that can work against us.  Young children have an advantage because their brains are still growing, they have large imaginations and they haven’t been trained into negativity for decades.

So, it’s a wonderful idea to teach the Law of Attraction to children.  Kids who are schooled in the Law of Attraction will be taught to be positive people who dream big and have great successes in life.  A little bit of effort to teach these principles today will pay off in dividends for our children down the road.

As a final thought, thank you for reading this article.  The fact that you’ve taken the time to read about teaching the Law of Attraction to kids suggests you are someone who cares about young people and is interested in making a difference in the world.  Today’s kids are lucky to have you!

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About the Author: Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and mother of two who specializes in Law of Attraction education.  She’s passionate about yoga, technology and spiritual living.

This article was originally published on Raise Your Vibration Today.

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