Keri-Lee: Inner Prosperity Foundations


By Keri-Lee, A Better Way Broward

Note: This is an introduction to Keri-Lee’s 12-article series on inner prosperity. If you like what you’re reading, check out her blog for more enlightening information.

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to realize or achieve a goal sometimes? And why we procrastinate when we could’ve got it done right away?

Everyone you know, including yourself, is waiting for “a” change. And it’s a change that calls for an inner foundational review.

Why do we extend the time, when we could claim our blessings right away? Now are the days when you profess your entire life as important, not just some parts of it.

Your “wholistic” feelings about your entire life will greatly contribute to your perspective on your everyday living. Everything that you do and say matters right now, and you’d want to make sure that your inner foundations, are well set because it’ll always find a mirror to reflect your thoughts right back to you.

The Inner Prosperity Foundations are a set of personal theories being expressed from my belief system that the unlimited energy of nature(which is a living reflection of God), is constantly available with every moment of thought.

There can never be a shortage of God (which is All There IS); therefore, a lack can be seen as a byproduct of not recognizing unlimited energy. Each and every person creates a new and unlimited space for possibilities and probabilities, and this will manifest as thoughts that are unified with the bountiful energies of nature, which is GOD.

In order for you to overcome your mental, emotional, and physical conditioning’s from birth to right now, you will need to FIRST recognize that you are the catalyst to your own change

Through this unlimited energy of GOD, you have the ability to use your personal power and conviction to create a change that is a lasting one.

This series of articles, over a 12 day period, will guide you delicately through a transition that will help you to redefine yourself and what you stand for. In the meantime, here’s a little of what you can expect:

Part 1 Series – Heart Based Wisdom Principles

A. What is Nature and Is there life in your fruit?

B. What is Freewill and What are the limits of YOUR thoughts?

C. What is Birthright and What are you entitled to?

D. What is Respect and Where does respect start?

Part 2 Series – Claiming Your Divine Righteousness

A. What is Abundance and How to reflect thoughtful abundance?

B. What is Prosperity and How to claim your worth?

C. What is Peace and How to use peace to steer your reality?

D. What is Responsibility and How to become responsible over your own freewill?

Part 3 Series – Balancing Your Authority

A. What is reality and How much control do you have over your reality?

B. What is greed and When is more considered too much?

C. What is money and Can you ever have too much money?

D. What is anger and Will anger lead to freedom?


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Love & Light to You from the Oneness ❤


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