Lisa Gawlas: The Magnetic Showers of Life Reigning Up and Down. Happy Solstice Everyone!!


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 21, 2015

Well, happy solstice everyone, equally, happy fathers day to all as well.  The longest day of Light of the year blends with our beloved Divine Masculine, our Creators, Our Fathers (at least here in the USA) may the Long Light of this day be expanded thru the fatherly energy within everyone’s heart!!

This truly is an interesting solstice, unlike any I had seen before (within readings.)  There are three distinct phases to it, it started to take in highly charged magnetic spiritual (creator) energy into itself on June 1st, arch it thru the beloved earth (dreamer energy) into all humans open and clear enough within their body to Be that spark of creation between the two.

As we swam along the currents of June, on the 16th that magnetic energy started to condense, moving into solidifying form.  The field said we will recognize this shift in the magnetics within us, within earth for 5 days preceding the solstice and 5 days after.  If that wasn’t intense enough, it went into yet another phase, the day before and after… a super condensing 3 day event.  All I have to say, this moment in our collective lives is so damn big there are three phases to it that will culminate and finish up on the 26th!!!

Ha!!  I just realized something… if life itself is not become a vivid expression of the things we are seeing/understanding… Today in the US is fathers day and the solstice which represents the longest day of light of the year, plus, it is also SUNday.

But also, I share those dates with a grain of salt.  To tell this story, we need linear language and yet, there is nothing linear about any of this.  It is all an energy system with three distinct phases to it.  It will remain affective/available the moment you align to it.  So there is no missing this huge event.

I really learned this yesterday thru one of the two readings I had.  The first lady showed up giving the phrase “a golden shower” a whole new twist!!  She was set up directly in the magnetic energy of the solstice (which I have always seen as a magnetic pole of energy embedded in the ground, like a lightning rod only gold in vibration.)  Coming down from just above her and at the same time, spraying up around her from the ground were two showers of golden energy (looking very much like the energy released from fireworks) engulfing her entire body, but with a bugle around her too.  Her team explained we are now in that three-day event of solidification.  I could no see anything else for her, we rescheduled.

I highly anticipated my next reading to be in the same space, much to my surprise, he wasn’t at all.  Instead he came thru merged as an earthworm, moving like an inch worm into the ground and up, over back down.  It was kind of a funny visual, it was as if his body was a long earthworm, dammit that I cannot draw!!

But what really stunned me, I could not see the solstice energy near him and his team said, he is still preparing for that system of arrival in his world.  This beautiful man already works very deeply with the earth herself, creates from her body… treasures of intense energy.  So I had to smile that he was blended with the earthworm energy… and let me share the meaning of earthworm as a totem here:


Earthworm teaches growth, regeneration, healing and reflection. He shows us how to ground our spiritual and emotional sides to emerge transformed and renewed. Continue working with diligence as you will reap what is sown now. You may feel like you are in the dark, please know you are preparing “fertile soil” for your endeavors. Earthworm will teach how to feel the sensations and vibrations around you. He will help attune your extra senses.   *earthworms are not insects, they are considered annelids which are true worms.

So, know, you cannot ever miss this life changing, enhancing, expanding event… it will wait for you to get your ducks (or worms lol) in a row and then release itself until you!!

So this morning as I sit here quite lazy in mind and body, I took a sneak peek at my own body to see what the solstice is doing with me.  I was quite surprised I actually did get a visual… a golden zipper from my pelvis to my neck at my back being zipped up.  Ohhhhh I am excited to find out what is being zipped up for the next grand adventure in this crazy and every changing walk of Life!!

May the long day of the sun shine brilliantly upon the divine masculine, the creator, the father within all today!!

Happy SUNday, solstice day and fathers day… 3 as 1… to ALL!!  I cannot wait to see the after party thru you!!  😀

((((HUGZ)))) of dazzling brilliance to ALL

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I just looked at and there was an M3 solar flare released already today coupled with the solar wind streaming from the coronal hole… the sun, as always, in step with us!! 

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