Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Ego, the Opposite of Humility

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

God said:

To thine own self be true really means: To thine own SELF be true.

Now, this that I say next is delicate. To Thine own Self be true means not to follow your wee tiny little trumped-up ego! I am your Self. Follow Me.

Attachment is ego. Your first opinion is often based on ego. Your ego is sure he is right. Ego always thinks he knows better than anyone else. Ego thinks he knows better than I do. Ego has a high opinion of himself. Ego has many ways of dodging what I say, and ego does a good job of thwarting what is in your best interest. In every case, it is in your best interest to dodge ego and listen to Me.

Of course, I speak of ego as if he were a third party to you, yet ego thrives and is alive and well within you. Ego is not responsible for your antics. You are responsible for ego’s antics. Ego gains ground only with your participation, and, I must say, most often with your wholehearted participation. Ego may rub his grimy hands in delight while you look at him with approval. Whenever you want to get the better of someone, this is ego urging you on. Otherwise, you would be honoring another soul on Earth more than you may presently.

How necessary it is that you stay away from ego. Do not go where angels fear to tread.

You may think that animosity and upset are strength. No, calmness is strength. In calmness, you don’t get carried away. In turmoil, which upset is, you get carried away. Ego delights in carrying you away. You may call ego short-sightedness. You may call ego a runaway train. Nevertheless, you can stop ego by looking him in the eye and saying as cowboys used to say to motherless calves: “Get along, little dogie, get along.” Be firm with ego. You don’t want any part of ego. You don’t have to stick up for yourself. You don’t have to defend your honor or whatever you think you are doing.

What I have said just now does not take anything away from your desire to swim or surf in the sea or to eat an apple or waffles. There is a place for personal desires, and you might as well have your desires. This does not mean pitting the strength of your personal preferences against another’s, as you might want to oppose someone else’s beliefs. You do not have to have the say as if you are less if you don’t.

This is the same as when you are in school, and you disdain a decision your teacher made. What, are you going to do? Set yourself up against your teacher as if you were the teacher while you see it that the teacher who carries so much responsibility must bow to your will? You are a bystander. An onlooker. The responsibility is not yours.

You are not here on Earth to prove yourself right. If you are here on Earth to love, then do not make opponents. Where is humility? Where is your humility? From your point of view, naturally, you are right, yet that doesn’t mean that you are right. Anyway, you do not know all the factors. You may not know what is gold and what is not. Let Us say, for the moment, that you are correct whether you know all the factors or not. In the world, dear ones, everything is relative. In years to come or in a moment, sooner or later, you will see from another angle.

You are learning to let go and to come not from confrontation but from peace. You do not need to hold onto the reins so tight. Let them go.

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