Lisa Gawlas: The Seeds of the New Moon, The Fertilizer of the Solstice and…..

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By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 18, 2015

Are ya feeling the expansion, the intensity of this recent new moon (the 16th) in your world yet??  It came loaded with tons of star dust seeds for growth and expansion and dare I even say… quickening like never before!!  Couple this with the intensity of the solstice energy already amping up the fields of life on the 21st… rest time, breathing time, that’s quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Of course the moon is in Gemini, the twins I see as duality.  No doubt, one of two things are playing out within you, or soon will be.  If you have not already tilled your garden of life for the new growth… it will be done for you by this most loving, but far from biased universe/spirit.  Read that to mean, upheaval!!  For those who have already tilled their soil, cleared their energy field of the debris… opportunities abound!  Our job is to reap it all!!  The season for stillness is over, life is about to go into overdrive.  Our jobs is to keep pace, both with the constant tilling as well as reaping.

I was watching a show I stumbled upon the other day called “Three scientist went into a bar,” and I was stunned to learn that the various life changing inventions we all now take for granted, the firs tone that comes to mind is the telephone, two patents were applied for at the very same day by two very different people… both with the layout for the telephone.  Of course Alexander Graham Bell gets all the credit, but that same day, another person unrelated, had the very same download/invention idea/plans on this life altering device.  There were several other major things that happened this same way… new technology coming thru more than one source at the very same time.  These scientists have stated it is now a pattern instead of an anomaly.  All I could hear my team saying was… this is what we mean by a back up plan and even the back up plans have back up plans.

I mention this because I have been given the stunning privilege of witnessing 40 people go deep inside themselves, their the dimensions, into other parallel earths and off planet lives to harvest what I call their super powers.  The emergence of amazing technology and spiritual abilities not seen on this side of the veil before.  Similar themes coming thru two very separate groups (Mays and Junes.)  Diligence and focus is required to fully bring this all forward… and many amazing new things WILL be brought forward!!  Can you imagine how bizarre it must have appeared to those in the Bell day when he started talking about a device that could transmit your voice from one place to another in real-time across the landscape.  I am sure, he, as well as those others that were getting this information had to invoke a trust they probably didn’t even realize they had within them, to bring this forward.  This invention was so important to human evolution, spirit dropped the information design into more than one human to assure its birth in that exact timeline.

Same is happening here, now, in this aliveness of spirit.

Even tho I had 12 appointments yesterday, only one was a reading and yet, her reading, her information and the way the energy came thru, stayed with me all day long which now seems perfect given all the homework reviews I heard yesterday.

About 10 minutes before my connection with her, my whole body started to get excited, like something new was going to happen and I was going to be a part of its emergence… at least, witnessing it.  You do not even know how excited that gets me!!

The way her reading unfolded was so bizarre it has taken me thru this morning to really understand it all.

The first thing I had seen was what looked like a meteor or something that came out of the other side of the veil up in the sky in the position that would aline with “future.”  As this solid-looking ball of something or another made its 90 degree descent into her sacral plexus (what many ET’s have refereed to as our “community” center,) that ball of something went from looking solid to this mass of multicolored energy that hit her right in the gut, directly in the solar plexus and instantly, again with another 90 degree angle, came out of her body and streamed into the ground itself.  It was stunning and the energetic release that came with it all was breathtakingly moving my own energy field and I had no flipping clue what it meant!!!  At least, not initially, didn’t matter tho, I felt its enormity.

Her team explained that this energy is creating an opening to the denser frequencies of earths so those that need what she is about to discover within herself, will find their way to her.  Then her team showed these two bells about a foot in front of her face that kinda looked like this, but again, there were two next to each other:

brass bells

Her team called these two bells “monk bells.”  They also said she WILL find them in a gift shop soon and they are part of her tool set emerging.  The equally stated that these two bells are inseparable.  They must be used together or they will not work… irreplaceable within each other.  Meaning, if you lose one you cannot replace it with another.  They are vibrationally pared for life!!

They also explained about frequency, tone, what happens when you clink these two bells together from different distances and how it emits different frequencies… and they also said she will open a energy practice by the end of the summer.  Not that she has the potential… even with this incoming information that was so new to her… her teams language really struck me… because there was no use of the word “potential” which is more common than not in readings or hell, even in the homework sessions.  I am realizing, I think lol, that when they use the word potential, they already know that the human being addressed just may not follow the promptings to bring to this side of the veil all that they can.  Many get lost in the demands/chaos of external, mundane life.  But that too, is part of the challenging process.  You will not be given something so extraordinary if you cannot let go of what brought you to here in the first place…. but the potential is there, if you are WILLing.

Then there are those of us crazy enough to throw caution to the wind, leap blindly off a cliff into the depths of our own unknown… this is the true “Light Worker” (as I am hearing that from spirit right now.  It’s not about illuminating someone else’s way or even coping someone else’s agenda, its about Lighting up the depths of yourSelf, sacrificing the superficial… the mundane, as you till the fields of your own energy for super growth and expansion!!   …or not!  The seeds of new Light must sprout from You!!!

She must be a crazy lady, cuz again, there was not the use of the word potential… but she WILL find these bells, she WILL open up an office as an energy practice.  I made bold those words (cuz I was told to, lol) to emphasis the lack of the word we so frequently use… healing.  Ohhh and we have a cocky spirit this morning… “if you do not understand why, you do not understand this new earth.”

Now, the other bigger strangeness from my lady was how the information unfolded… it was like all these intense sheets of energy were overlaid on her and I was trying to read as fast and as clearly as I could with each sheet overlaying the next.  It was flipping bizarre and fast!!!   Only this morning do I really understand the overlays… several dimensions coming online at once for her, to her.  Her job is to mine each dimension that holds her expanding super powers, her abilities and bring them forward to this dimension.  These dimensions will open right there in front of her, her job is to harness what is being dropped into her conscious and run with it!!   And her team said, it will happen fast, so quickly there will be no time to think, just act.  Trust.  Then act again.

ACTion is the only thing you can trust, even if that ACTion seems adverse to those around you.

On that note, I gotta get ready for my big, exciting date with Kelli in the Raw this morning.  I love that crazy lady so much!!  Since its a Youtube interview, I gotta put on my pretty face (giggle.)  What I find interesting, just before I went to bed last night, Kelli asked me about something she is currently experiencing… seeing dimensional doorways in her reality!!  Spirit has something up their sleeve and I cannot wait to find out the rest of the story.  10am MDT.. join us!!  I will post the interview in my next blog as well as on my facebook page, for those who cannot join us live.

I love you all so flipping much.  Thank you for everything!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


raw stuff!!

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