French Minister Asks Stores to Stop Selling Round Up

petsicides_roundup_chemicals_735_350By Christina Sarich, Natural Society, June 18, 2015

French Environment and Energy Minister Ségolène Royal is sending a clear message to Monsanto – biotech maker responsible for Round Up chemicals, and the target of a class action lawsuit in California, soon to be the taken to the US Federal Court.

Royal made the pronouncement this past Sunday that the weed killer Round Up should not be sold in garden shops since it is potentially harmful to human beings.

She told France 3 television:

France must be offensive on stopping pesticides.”

She did not articulate how she plans on enforcing the ban.

Matthew Phillips, the lawyer who is bringing Monsanto to trial, may soon have lawful evidence of France’s misgivings. He stated recently:

“‘If you get in a debate with these Monsanto trolls online, they’ll say glyphosate is safer than table salt, it’s safer than caffeine,’ he said. ‘It’s misdirection. It’s sleight of hand. It’s intended to distract and deceive, and take advantage of the feeble minded.

They are looking at the acute toxicity. What they’re talking about is how much would it take to commit a murder—a one time poisoning event. They should be looking at chronic toxicity–the long-term exposure. That is what is happening with glyphosate. We’re eating it at every single meal.’”

The minister’s concern is mirrored by individuals and organizations around the world as Monsanto’s Round Up and glyphosate experience massive bans and restrictions. Recently, two Swiss supermarket chains announced that they are ditching the biotech chemicals due to health concerns. Coop and Migros have each announced that they will no longer sell products that contain glyphosate and will be exploring non-toxic weed killing alternatives.

In another recent case, Sri Lanka’s newly elected president, Maithripala Sirisena, has announced that the import of Monsanto’s favorite killing-tool, glyphosate, will no longer be allowed in the country.

At least in France they won’t be eating glyphosate, if Royal gets her way. The US MSM has refused to take note of this serious issue, but fortunately, the French are not betrothed to one of the most hated companies in the world.

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