Will Harader: Patience Is a Sin

By Will Harader, Galactic Free Press, June 16, 2015

No, I’m not getting biblical when I say that patience is a sin. I don’t believe having patience means you’re going against God’s will or anything like that. When I call it a sin, I mean the old definition of the word sin: “to miss the mark”. And which mark is being missed through patience? This present moment, of course…

Patience means you’re waiting for something, just like with impatience. Your attention is focused upon a future which doesn’t exist, and may not ever exist, yet you’re waiting for it to come about. Your energy is being fed into illusion, one that you believe is going to manifest, and you may even be correct, but you’re still missing the mark. You’re still missing the Present.

Suppose you get what you’re waiting for, will you be present then? Putting aside the ridiculousness of making Presence a future goal, really look at what’s happening here. Suppose your patience is rewarded, do you believe that’s going to break you out of the patterns that keep you focusing upon the future? It’s far more likely that those patterns will only be strengthened because you’ve been rewarded by them.

Patience and impatience, there’s really very little difference between the two other than how gracefully you handle the waiting. According to society, one is healthier than the other, but if your goal is to make each moment a joyful celebration of Life, something I highly recommend, neither patience nor impatience will get you there. If you really want to get there, or rather, Here, let go of your dream of the future altogether.

Patience is also an incredibly powerful tool for controlling large masses of people, that’s part of why it’s celebrated as a “virtue”. Just convince people that some kind of positive change is in the near future, and all they have to do is wait for it. Patience creates a kind of docility that makes waiting much more tolerable. If it wasn’t there, people might start to rise up and demand change right now. Or even worse, at least for the politicians, people might stop waiting and start changing themselves.

What’s needed is a total paradigm shift, a whole new way of looking at things. You need to view things from your own perspective, within this present moment. You rarely see things through you own eyes though, practically no one really does, instead everything is seen through the filter of societal perceptions. Your life is prepackaged, pre-lived in fact, and not even your desires are really your own. You can break out of those patterns though, and you can begin in the only place there is to begin, right now.

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