Steve Beckow: Call the Soul Group Together

Ambassadors 33

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, June 16, 2015

My articles are not necessarily posted in chronological order. You’ll see me appear to go up and down in mood sometimes, when what may have happened is that I’ve been obliged to slot in a “red-hot” item or I felt the need to vary the pace. So please don’t assume that you’re reading articles in chronologicsal sequence. Very likely you’re not.

Archangel Michael has me going to coffeeshops every day, to get me out of the apartment and meet people.

And several of the people I’ve met recently have been young people.  Say, around 30?

And the permutations and combinations they’re going through to survive leave my hair on end.

But the really remarkable, amazing, incredible thing is that so many of them seem to have known nothing else.

I stood there with my jaw open. It’s no use to mention a pension to them. A benefits plan? Sounds kinky. What’s an “entry-level” job? What’s a “filing clerk”?

I’m not implying that everyone is like them. I’m not trying to be patronizing.

But, for the benefit of anyone who never experienced what life was like before the Illuminati slashed the social-safety net and gutted the economy, perhaps let me paint a picture of how life was … and will be again.

At a time in the Fifties and Sixties, with the troops home from World War II, an emphasis was made on providing for them and honoring their sacrifice and the sacrifice of those on the home front.

Veterans were sent to school. Companies began to create benefits plans for them: Medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and hospital costs were offset or covered. Unions commanded high wages. There were lots and lots of jobs, though women found themselves thrust back into the house and off the assembly line.

It wasn’t a perfect life by any means. It masked all manner of gender, racial and other forms of prejudice.  It was solely about materialism (“the American Dream”), consumption, and following trends.

Children went to school, then entered the workforce through “entry-level” jobs, and climbed the ladder of a company that was vertically differentiated. In other words, it had room for advancement.

The death knell of this world was the arrival of the computer.  One job after another, one profession, one career migrated to the computer and was gone. Typesetters, ticket sellers, travel agents, pressmen, musicians, everyone whose job fell into certain categories saw their work disappear.

The downward pressure was multiplied by outsourcing jobs, sending them from our countries to low-wage countries, where laborers worked under conditions that would not be allowed here.

All entry-level jobs, such as gathering information, filing it and retrieving it, migrated into the machine.  Robots took over assembly lines. They don’t pay taxes.

The tax base shrank. Government revenues fell unless new ways to tax were found (just look at your friendly, voracious parking meter for one).

It became a buyer’s market in labor. Unions were busted.  Wages fell. Pensions were dropped. Benefits plans ended. All of this was represented as an economic crisis when it was really a manipulation of the economy by the elite to gather wealth into fewer and fewer hands.

The elite wanted to create a buyer’s market in labor and they did. And they continue to expand it.

I’ve been a dishwasher and a tribunal member, a construction worker and a historian.  I think they wanted me to really mix it up.

Any job I’ve had was better than none.

So now I see all of you young folks, struggling, struggling. Living in shared accommodations. Staying one place for a week and moving on.

I’d imagine if you have jobs, they’re consultant’s contracts. Or just money under the table.

Many are unable to find that first job, that first rung on … well, wait a minute. There is no ladder any more.  Companies are no longer vertical. The computer has hollowed them out.

I wish to point out to the younger generation that this was all intentional. As soon as corrupted business – that is, the cabal – saw how labor could be beaten and pacified by allowing the computer to devour jobs, no compunction, no ethics, no morality stopped them.

But that was then and this is now. Just as the cabal’s use of the computer destroyed the fabric of the economy and left workers scrambling to earn a living any way they could, so now it’s our turn to build a new economy and a new society. Just as that was intentional, so is this building of the new.

And guess what, you who are scrambling, house-sharing and couch-surfing, you’re a big part of doing that.

Our generation saw what was done. We may not have discerned it precisely when it was happening, but we saw it.

But you’re going to do the actual building of Nova Earth. For instance, I’m not going to run companies. Set policy yes, but “do the doing”? No.

You are.

And here’s what I recommend you do:

  • We need to restore the social-safety net, which catches those who fall between the cracks from illness, unemployment, divorce, old age, etc.
  • We need to provide people with stability in their employment and security while they’re there and even if they leave (severance packages).
  • We need to reduce hours and make work enjoyable again.
  • We need to make education serve the student, not the elite.

The service motive needs to replace the profit motive.  I sense that the younger generation knows a huge amount about the service motive.  You people created it. I sit in the coffeeshop watching you barter and extend favors to each other. You give whatever you have. Sometimes it’s only space in a room. You know the new paradigm. You just haven’t been given a chance.

Well, this is your chance. The Reval will give you your chance. Financial wayshowers will. NESARA will.  Your day is definitely coming. And the sooner the better.

Call the soul group together.

You’re already informally organized. Now perhaps, in a loving and supportive way, start focussing your attention. Start concentrating. Start agreeing on your vision and objects in being together as a group. And then start in.

Wherever you see unworkability in the world, make it work. Without residue. Without leaving any willing person out of the solution.

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