The World Needs Love


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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This segment is devoted to healing the planet, and if you think about it, there’s only one thing the world needs. I think you all know what I’m talking about, and it’s fairly obvious for anyone who opens their eyes and looks around.

The world needs love. It needs compassion, empathy and a range of other qualities that can bring people together, and we need to be the ones to set the example. We create love in the world by cultivating it in our personal lives, and life can be a lot easier if we treat each other with love and compassion.

Not only would things get easier for us and the people around us – our positive influence would radiate out to the world and inspire others to show more love and acceptance.

There are plenty of things we can do to help the world return to a way of life that’s rooted in love and respect, but creating this life ourselves is the best thing we can do.

We can fight for social change, which is admirable, or we can fight for personal change. We can make the changes in our personal lives that we want to see reflected in the world, and it all comes down to the decision to shift into love.

When we have love, we have everything. When we’re cut off from love, life seems like a burden that we have to tolerate instead of enjoying. It’s hard to have fun in life if we don’t feel any love, because we’re constantly unhappy and we really only want to escape life.

That all fades when we shift into love, joy and contentment, and we’re left with the simple peace of mind that we’ve tried so hard to find. The secret is that we’ve never needed to ‘try’ to find it, and no effort has ever been required to tap into what’s always been here.

The secret is non-effort, and non-effort is the best way to realign with love, explore our consciousness or creatively flow.

We just have to stop trying, and when we do, things seem to fall into place. We no longer have trouble expressing ourselves when we clear the mind and stop striving to produce something significant, and instead of trying so hard to reach the destination, we learn to enjoy the journey.

Life will become a rich, fulfilling experience if we can let go of our rigid ideas of what it’s supposed to be like and just go with it, and flowing with life will allow us to get the most out of our creative flow (among other things).

When we flow with our existence, our creative side flows right along with us, but we have to get out of the mind while still somehow knowing what we want to express. We can connect with the heart and allow our creative side to really come through once the mind is clear, and I think our higher consciousness is responsible for all of our creativity.

In reality, this higher consciousness I talk so much about is the love energy that’s always profoundly impacted our lives.

In fact, it’s the very energy that’s responsible for our existence and the planet we live on (not to mention the various other planets, galaxies, dimensions, etc.), and tapping into it will help us understand the creative force that drives all existence.

Tapping into love will connect us with the creative energy that’s responsible for everything around us (and within), and the moment we stop making an effort to connect with this energy will be the moment it starts pouring through us.

As it pours through, we’ll gain a glimpse of true creativity and we’ll understand that the same force that created our reality is creating the articles we write, the music we compose and the art we bring to the world.

We’re conduits for our higher creative consciousness, and opening the mind is essential to enhancing our creativity because it allows us to connect with this part of us without any barriers that could impede the connection.

When we open the mind and get to a space far beyond these unnecessary barriers, connecting with our creative essence will be simple because we’ll no longer stop ourselves from venturing deep into our center and letting this essence work through us.

I think this is the best way to express ourselves, and if more creative people understood the role our higher creative consciousness plays in our work, they could make the connection that’s helped so many brilliant minds thrive and inspired so many people to give their lives over to their work.

Like I said, love and higher consciousness are basically the same thing, and we’ll learn as we continue evolving is that everything is indeed one. The energy of love is the same thing as the higher self, because the higher self, like everything else throughout creation, is composed of love.

Everything comes back to love. Everything comes from the One; the transcendental Father, who exists far beyond our comprehension, and everything will inevitably return there.

Connecting with our higher consciousness – the energy of love – and letting this energy express itself through us will allow us to create brilliant works of art while we come along for the ride with passion and excitement.

Once we discover that we can connect with this very real energy of love and bring it through in creative form for other people to enjoy, I’m sure most of us will make this connection a top priority. We just have to realize that it’s here, and we can’t just express it while we work – we have to pour it into every other aspect of life.

Love is waiting for us to connect with it, so let’s make whatever material sacrifices are necessary and keep our higher connection strong. We just have to let go and let the Self take the wheel and steer, and life will become an adventure as we learn to share our love and compassion with the rest of the world.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.

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