Golden Age of Gaia – News Special Edition: Fracking Really Is Not Safe

Fracking Toxins Contaminate Water
Fracking Toxins Contaminate Water

By Gavin Harrill, Golden Age of Gaia, June 8, 2015

Environmental Politics & Ethics: It’s Time to Choose Those Endeavors Which Help Our World …Not Harm It

“This study’s main finding flies in the face of fracking’s dangerous reality. The fact is, dirty drilling has caused documented, widespread water contamination across the country,” commented Rachel Richardson, director of Environment America’s Stop Drilling program. (1)

In essence, this study published last Thursday stated that fracking was not harmful to drinking water. Call me skeptical, but I’ve heard way too many untruths over the decades from our mainstream media to believe that our water supply remains unaffected.

Dr Emoto's Water Consciousness
Dr Emoto’s Water Consciousness

My belief means nothing personal against the author of this story — I simply do not believe that our drinking water is unharmed; nothing more, nothing less. Not only do I believe our drinking water is polluted, but I also believe Lady Gaia is harmed along the way!

We’ve learned so much over the recent years regarding the inter-connectedness of life. For example, Dr Emoto’s experiments on water are most profound!

He discovered that our words (loving or hateful) impact a water molecule’s fundamental structure. Dr Emoto also documented that polluted water is adversely effected (see accompanying photos).

Toxic vs. Prayer Water
Toxic vs. Prayer Water

If water can be drastically altered through words, then I firmly believe that our drinking water is also drastically altered by the intense work of uprooting Mama Earth with heavy machinery afforded through huge manpower and intensive labor, including 10,000+ feet of steel drills and piping, 400 truckloads of supplies, and 600 chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens and toxins. (2)

Before we even go any further, let’s just back up one second: What is fracking, anyway? Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is drilling thousands of feet into beloved Mama Earth to retrieve Her natural gases. And we extract said gas by pumping tons and tons of synthetic chemicals, sand, and water deep into the our earth!

Please examine this activity with me, if you will. Just like drilling for oil, we seem intent on depleting our home of all Her fossil fuels. Doesn’t this sound like a horrible idea …partly hollowing out our planet for our energy sources (while there are numerous alternatives which do not harm our environment)? In turn, we’re harming ourselves and our precarious ecosystems –“precarious,” as a direct result of all this exploiting of our world, mind you.

Our Fracking Industry
Our Fracking Industry

In America, the first “successful” oil drilling happened in 1859, even though the natural gas industry began even earlier, in 1821! (3) Specifically, fracking is the “process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside.” (2)

Each fracking expedition, or job site, requires on average 400 tanker trucks carrying both water and supplies to and from each drilling location. Let’s consider all the gas expenses, man hours and their salaries, and repairs and tune ups the tankers must undergo just for one fracking job!

Did you know that it takes one to eight million gallons of water to frack just one job site?  I certainly did not know the huge amount of water it takes to expel natural gases from Mama Earth! Further, each well can be fracked up to as many as 18 times!! (4) This is truly, from my perspective, an exorbitant amount of water, and yet areas around our world are devastatingly in need of said water.

Why are we sending 18 – 144 million gallons of water into the earth –at just ONE fracking site– harming Her and poisoning our healthy water supply, when we could be hauling the same water to regions around our world that desperately need it? This makes no sense.

"Cheers to fracking!"  :-(
“Cheers to fracking!” 😦

Why are we wasting and contaminating so much viable water for a use which harms our world? Why should we spend so much more money, time and energy now purifying that “fracked” water?

Why are our governments choosing to spend money on war, ammunition, and bombs, while people starve, live without homes, or without basic plumbing and sewage systems? Why are our governments choosing, time and time again, to invest in destructive ventures, when our world can be safe, progressive, and healthy throughout life?

Why are our governments choosing to drill for oil and natural gas when alternative RENEWABLE resources are readily available? Why spend billions and billions of dollars on war and synthetic medicines, when we can invest that same money in solar, wind, rain, tidal, and geothermal energy, and in homeopathic and natural medicines, such as cancer-healing remedies found in cannabinoids?

Why is it that harmful and hurtful practices are advocated and funded, yet such practices that can benefit our world are vigorously discouraged and lobbied against? What are our politicians and corporations thinking? Why can’t they spend money in ways that overtly aid our world, rather than destroy it?

If there is even the slightest reason for alarm, why not move on, given we have many ways of living without negative side effects? Just stop doing anything that creates adverse effects, I declare! There are plenty of options, in 2015, that we can utilize that promote healthy bodies, including our beloved Mother Earth’s.

For example, we CAN exist without devices that emit EMFs; without depleting the ozone; without polluting our oceans, air, water and food; without drilling for oil and natural gas; without putting lead in paint (previously) and arsenic in fruit juices; without injecting toxins in the form of vaccinations; without drinking that “poison” called beer and whiskey; without investing and ingesting GMOs….

Reasons to Oppose Fracking
Reasons to Oppose Fracking

Please click on the image to the immediate right to read in-full many reasons to advocate against hydraulic fracturing. Isn’t it time we stop supporting our governmental systems that’ve gone afoul? I recall a quote from Socrates which says, “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

The most important aspect I take from this quote gives credence to the Law of Attraction: Focus my energy in what I want in my life, not in the parts that I want to change. Of course, I must take time to heal that which steers me in the wrong direction, but the next and continuing step clearly includes spending my energy in “creating” that which I desire.

Fortunately, a lot of this work has begun in progressive communities, so we need not re-invent the wheel. I invite us to identify our passions (if we haven’t already), find a worthy avenue to channel our energy, and go for it!

1. EPA: Fracking’s No Big Threat to Water by Elana Schor. Politico.

2. What Goes In and Out of Hydraulic Fracturing by Dangers of Fracking: Courtesy of Gasland, The Movie

3. History of the Petroleum Industry in the United States by Wikipedia.

4. Hydraulic Fracturing FAQs by Marcellus Protest.

Across this beautiful world, We Are All One.

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