Michelle Smith: Merging with My Higher Self


Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Steve Beckow: Michelle sent in this poem describing her own experience with the transformative forces at work today.

Merging with My Higher Self

Tapping into the ever-present river of bliss,
The underlying truth,
The all within.
So close by, yet somehow elusive.

The smile spreads across my face,
while reading light-filled passages,
or gazing at a bright blue sky,
relaxing in the bath.

Many facets to this jewel,
Both peace and childlike joy,
Intense emotion,
Bringing tears to the eyes.

A clarity of mind and clear expression,
Expanded understanding of our world.
I laugh at the absurdity of conflict,
Like fingers from the same hand waging war.

A tendency for mischief,
Like a cat seeking play.
A lightness of heart,
Life’s just a game.

Powerful passion,
Electricity and silk.
Within the loving arms
of my partner.

An enhanced version of self,
Feeling vibrant,
and inspired.
A strong desire for artistic expression.

Increasing frequency of occurrence,
In-between time,
Contrast clear.
I’m somewhat dulled until the connection returns.

But the imprint is strong now,
The memory is sure.
I expect the silly smiler
to return.

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