Ida Lawrence: Dimensional Jumping

Quantum Jumping 2By Ida Lawrence, Waking Times, June 7, 2015

I woke up this morning feeling inexplicably happy… with a ‘little kid looking forward to a fun day’ spirit. What happened? Circumstances haven’t changed, but then again who knows?

Some people say we do dimensional jumping, and there are many dimensions to slip into, all with a different feel, which would explain some of our mood changes. If that’s the case, I’ve been in one of the ‘everything is divine’ versions of my life.

Or, it could be the lingering effect of a heavenly night in the dream world. Maybe I met up with my sweetheart and we had a goooood-time. Or maybe I saw, in my dreams, that love conquers all, and it all works out for all of us, to our highest good, and heaven never left, and hell never came, and we’ve just been engaged in the ‘Evolve’ movie series, this one entitled, Humans Bring God Home.

Sometimes our moods seem to have no apparent reason, sometimes we can point to circumstances of life and relationships that are affecting us, and oftentimes we’ll read or listen to what somebody says, catch a thought, and it triggers an emotion. That can be healing if we’ve been down and now we’re uplifted, or it can take us down if it’s information that unduly evokes fear. Some people call the intentionally fearful stuff ‘fear porn’.

Exposure to information about danger or threat is woven through every type of information we encounter, from government propaganda to alternative media to the New Age type of articles and videos, and even spiritual teachings. Sometimes we avoid ‘looking’ out of self-protection, wanting to protect our mood, our mind, our energy and so on.

But frankly, if the reason for exposing ourselves is to look at the movement of the light and tap into the truth, we’re strong enough to look without our emotions jumping all over the map. Even if the truth isn’t pleasant, it’ll inform us, and we need that, especially if we can avoid a danger or verify what we have picked up through our intuition.

Fear porn, on the other hand, is garbage for the addicted: half-truths, exaggerations, lies and ‘what-ifs’ about which much fear can be felt but nothing can be done. Like any kind of porn, this is sensational, usually monetized, producing food for those whose survival depends upon our stirred up emotions. We can get out of it with a click, and I’m sure many of us do, feeling repulsed rather than drawn in.

But… my subject today actually isn’t fear porn or moods, or sorting out the frantic, angry, hateful voices from the truthful, loving, healing ones. It’s about what we intend with regard to our journey on this beautiful earth.

I do a lot of reading and listening, most of the time for the purpose of seeing where people are in their minds, especially with regard to spiritual information. Like the Tarot Fool, with the bag of belongings over his shoulder, I have wandered through one cul-de-sac after another of differing and seemingly contradictory new age and spiritual beliefs and teachings for what, at the moment, seems an ever-so-long journey.

Human beings created these beliefs and teachings, and hence they will differ and even contradict each other; flavored as they are with the wisdoms, fears and prejudices of the people who thought of them. But, even though different, they often agree in the essence. At the origin, many of the beliefs and teachings were aligned with or drawn directly from Source.

I don’t see a problem with picking a spiritual teaching or practice and following it if the path expands consciousness, or warms the heart toward others, gives peace and is humble and honest. People need a way to love God. A way is a way, and followers can change paths if they grow out of one and into another.

Whether we are self guided or guided by teachings or teachers who are ahead on the journey, what we are experiencing when we talk of a ‘spiritual’ or ‘consciousness’ journey is an inner pull toward truth. We want a true expression of Source because we are in love with the feel of truth and love. For very many souls, there is no attracting force more powerful.

Since, on the journey, we have been gradually uncovering ourselves, realizing our physical body and our personhood truly are the temple of the divinity we seek, and we are that love, our expansion of consciousness has provided us a perfect beginning: to live as ‘heart-centered’ human beings on earth, with love for our own selves and each other.

So here’s the question: can we transform what are now extremely degraded conditions in the world? To do so seems an awfully great task. But first maybe we should ask… what are the options? #1) to live for love/home on the earth in relationship with each other and all living things, or #2) to live for love/home somewhere else after we die.

Some people are very keen on being accepted in a ‘heavenly home’ in another dimension after they die, so they live for that. Others are dedicated to not having to reincarnate and live another life on earth, so they focus on that.

I’m not putting down the focus on afterlife, because such beliefs can lead people to do right while they’re here. But I have to ask… isn’t it possible that we came here out of love, to help end suffering, to be of service, to change the world by coming awake to ourselves and others, and in so doing help bring heaven to earth?

Yes, some of the teachings tell us eternity is more important than physical life. Maybe it is, or maybe we’re already in eternity. I say ‘maybe’ because I don’t know these things first-hand. But I do know this… at the moment we’re in bodies here on the earth, in relationship with each other, and this is where the action is.

It can be more than a little rough on us here. We have to be kind to the unkind, just to the unjust, and give to people who cannot give back. But so what… we know people are broken and we know why. We’re broken too: gratitude for the abundant help we receive makes it easier to align with our highest intentions and keep on going.

We see so many people longing for tenderness and truth, justice and caring for each other. The people want it so much that a movement in that direction has been going on for a while now, and is presently increasing and increasing. It’s scattered, people are showing their frustrations, they are striving, they are helping each other, and disagreeing, but it looks like quite a few are intending to make it a better world.

In closing, giving thought to this subject, I googled ‘kingdom of heaven on earth’. From the results I noticed something interesting: one of the responses said that for the kingdom of heaven to be on earth, God has to be on earth. Isn’t God here? Hasn’t God always been here? The only thing missing has been our realization of that truth. Although much information has been withheld from us, is there any more vital information than that?

We had to uncover ourselves by expanding consciousness, being accountable to the divine core that is within us, and taking responsibility for being fully human.

If the Divine dwells in us, and the force of Divinity flows through us for right action, then it flows through us in danger and in safety, in fear and in faith, in justice, in life and in death, through change and through eternity.

About the Author

Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has authored two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Ida is also a certified Tai Chi instructor with a special interest in helping seniors and the disabled with Tai Chi and Chi Kung practices modified for their use. Her goal in life has been to find answers to the question of ‘why’ and then to explore the question of ‘what is’. More of her work is available at her personal blog,

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