LJ Vanier: Breaking The Davinci Code

breaking the code the davinci code
By LJ. Vanier, Soul Sciences, May 12, 2015

“The universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.”- Plato

The following is meant for the purposes of thought exploration and the information given has been achieved through meditation, divine guidance and spiritual enlightenment and out of body experience.

Breaking The Davinci Code

by LJ Vanier

So, given the understanding and for argument sake lets assume as we have discussed in our last article that cells have consciousness. At least in a metaphorical state.
Now imagine this. If each and every one of the billions of cells that composes our human bodies, has there own individual consciousness. And collectively the make up our physical bodies as a collective conscious. What would each of those cells look like? Would the cell view itself in looking, seeing, feeling in the image of his maker? Meaning, would the cell believe that it looks human as do you and I?

If given the understanding that consciousness is an illusion, could it then be possible that each cell that makes up our human body exists in it’s “own world” and in its own “reality” Would this cell then have the understanding that it was part of a larger collective physical body?

Imagine that you were fully aware, of each and every cells individual consciousness.. What would you then become? The answer is… God.

leonardo davinci atomIn anthropology Leonardo Davinci depicted a human being pictured to the right as being an ATOM or ADAM in the biblical sense that included a physical body and a metaphysical body. The Adam (atom) could then be viewed as being the nucleus inside of the cell. From an acorn to a galaxy, the golden rule is apparent. Showing us that there is a creator of all things in existence, as they follow this rule.

Everything in existence being (matter) is only particles that are slowed to a vibration that makes them appear solid. As with everything in the universe. It is all composed of the same substance and it is only consciousness that gives it’s form. The common conception in the spiritual communites is that we possess a collective conscious. We are “all one”.
We are connected to source or to God, and it is only the illusion of separation that conceals our wholeness. The chakras in our bodies can be viewed almost as if they are galaxies. Swirling vortexes of energy centers, much like portals of consciousness. Everything inside is a reflection of what is outside.

Now lets get down to it and explore deeper. tree of lifeIn the Kabbalastic view of the chakra system. A human being is depicted as having 11 chakras, with 7 main chakras each being represented by different planetary bodies in our solar system. As pictured to the right.

In Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology it was believed that there were Titans and the story of Saturn and Jupiter goes something like this.

Saturn became the ruler of the universe upon overthrowing his oppressive father, Caelus. After he came into power though, he started becoming more of a despot and wanted the throne all to himself.After he was told of a prophecy that stated that one of his children would depose him of his kingship, he became increasingly paranoid. So much so that whenever his wife, Ops would give birth to a child, he would swallow it whole! By the time Jupiter, the sixth child, was born, Ops had had enough. She deceived Saturn into swallowing a rock dressed in Jupiter’s swaddling cloth instead of the baby himself.

Jupiter in turn was spirited away to the island of Crete where he hid. Upon growing up, he managed to get the job of the cup-bearer of Saturn. Then, with a little help from his grandmother, Terra, he managed to give Saturn a potion that induced a vomiting spell in his father. As a result of this vomiting, Jupiter’s siblings, Vesta, Neptune, Juno, Ceres and Pluto were released from their gastric prison.

After managing to flee, the brothers and sisters set out to remove Saturn from the throne. Lead by Jupiter, the siblings fought Saturn and his brothers for the kingship in a devastating war that nearly destroyed the universe. The turning point came when Jupiter managed to ally the 50-headed monsters and the Titan, Prometheus to his cause. Now armed with the power of lightening, earthquakes and thunder, the Olympians, as they came to be known, reigned supreme. Saturn and his brothers managed to flee to Rome where they established the Golden age while Jupiter ascended the throne.

Everybody following so far?

 Spirituality and Oneness:

Have you ever heard the expression “you are what you eat” ? This would make a lot more sense now if we understand ourselves as a part of the “solar body” of God. What you ingest into your being becomes a part of you, literally. As if you injected a cell with a foreign substance—“your body is a temple”.

When we refer back to biblical teachings, it is stated that “we are made in the image of our creator”  “My father and I, we are one”- Jesus Christ

If we understand that we are God, because we are a part of God, then we can understand ascension with more clarity. Each cell that is being activated, is like a wave of upgraded consciousness sweeping through the universal body of the ALL… God. It is sweeping through your body as well, and the golden age is upon us.

Could it be possible that we are in fact billions of at(d)oms, inside of the body of God. God being the entire solar system. The sun would then be his solar plexus, and so on and so forth.

I believe this is to be the true meaning of we are all one.

“we exist in a living universe and we are the organisms within it” “the awakening is finally realizing you are a part of God, like a cell on your body finally seeing that it is a part of you” – Namaste, LJ Vanier

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