Golden Age of Gaia – News Special Edition: The Sound of Transformation and Miracles

Golden Gaia News Special ReportBy Dina Brands, Golden Age of Gaia, June 5, 2015

The Sound of Transformation and Miracles

The Solfeggio frequencies are an ancient musical scale used in music, chants, and ceremonies. The Solfeggio tones were believed to enable spiritual blessings and transformation when played or sung in harmony.

According to Dr Len Horowitz, Dr Puleo and some genetic biochemists, they suggest that the frequency of 528 Hz, (Hertz) is the repair frequency for damaged DNA.

Each note has a different tuning from the conventional chromatic musical scale. However the diatonic scale clearly shows the relationship of musical harmony with the Fibonacci Sequence. These tones provide a new stimulus to the mind and physical system for healing and transformation.

174 Hz – Foundation of conscious evolution

285 Hz – Acceleration of conscious evolution

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear (UT)

417 Hz – Facilitating Change (RE)

528 Hz – Transformation, Miracles and DNA Repair (MI)

639 Hz – Connecting and Relationships (FA)

741 Hz – Awakening Intuition (SOL)

852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order (LA)

963 Hz – Transcendence

The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio and Fibonacci numbers

By BruineDwerg2012

Fibonacci Sequence in Music – original theory

By Sylvain Lalonde

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the Miracle frequency of 528 Hz is one of the 9 core creative frequencies of the Solfeggio Scale. “528,” is classically called “mi”, short for “mira gestorum” in Latin, meaning “miracles.”

Mathematicians and physicists have shared with Dr. Horowitz their knowledge of “528” radiating from the heart of the universe, most visibly the “rainbow sound of the sun.” Metaphysically, the “528” mira gestorum is the musical-mathematical matrix of creation. This knowledge can demystify how miracles are made with positive intention, faith, meditation and the music of creation.

I include an in depth interview where Dr. Horowitz discusses his latest book, “528 The Evolving Consciousness”, on Coast to Coast radio, (60 minutes long). He talks about his profound theory on how things work. He suggests how we can change the world with the universal language of music, the universal healer of love and the universal solvent of water.

“You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of Divine frequency vibrations, coming out of Water. Get it? You are the music, echoing universally, eternally, hydrosonically, with your heart at 528!”

The Secrets of Vibration (528 Hz) Hidden Truths of Sound! Law of Attraction Part 1

By Lucas Hanson

So, to conclude, I would like to suggest a Solfeggio meditation. It can be played as ambient music or with stereo headphones, making it a powerful audio healing tool for relaxation, greater personal development and transformation. There is much more mediation and music available using the Solfeggio scale online and I encourage you to discover what resonates best for you.

528 Hz – DNA Upgrade (20 Minute) Meditation

By Infinite Waters

With much light and joy,


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