Steve Beckow: Will We Clear Forever? – Part 2/2

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 30, 2015

(Continued from Part 1.)

What is the mechanism, structure or system that perpetuates our ignorance and creates blocks to the unveiling of our crystal-clear awareness? Perhaps I can include my own description of it.

The system or structure of our own dysfunctionality and ignorance can be said to have five components:

(1) Root Vasanas or Core Issues
(2) False Beliefs or False Grids
(3) Character Armoring.
(4) Self-induced Illnesses and Other Medical Conditions.
(5) Our Image.
(6) The Constructed Self.

(1) Root Vasanas or Core Issues.

A vasana is an archaic reaction pattern born from traumatic circumstances, usually in our early lives but sometimes from shocking events, usually involving loss, in our later lives.

We add layer after layer to our vasanas in later life by energizing them with fear, anger, hatred, etc.  To cause them to lift, we may have to go back down through the layers, observing them and watching them dissolve in the face of our awareness.

Or we may be able to discover the root event, the seed of the vasana and dissolve it with our awareness. In the latter case, the whole thread is often released. We may have to repeat this process several times before we meet with complete success.

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There’s an extensive literature on clearing vasanas in the Library/Archive.  However, it’s getting easier and easier to release vasanas so you may not need to go through the process step by step. Just breathe up love and breathe it out and the transformative love itself will dissolve the vasana.

Or simply hand it over to your favorite go-to guy or gal. For me that’s Archangel Michael. For Linda, it’s Archangel Gabrielle.

(2) False Beliefs or False Grids.

False beliefs are our ideas about the nature of life, reality, events or people that are based in ignorance and take us farther away from the truth of things.

The Arcturian Group gave us an example of a false belief that severely constrains us: our belief that death is the end.

“Death means complete obliteration to those believing there is nothing beyond one lifetime, except the slight chance of a heaven or hell based on how ‘good’ a person was.   Thus, death to them is  something to be feared and avoided at all costs.

“Those of a more illumined consciousness, who realize there could never be real death, are somewhat free of this intense fear and anxiety.   There is always some sadness with parting, but none of the terror and resistance born of ignorance.   Death is recognized to be a transition, not an ending–a  part of everyone’s evolutionary  journey on earth, often welcomed by those tired and ready to go home. The Divine Idea here is Omnipresence.  You, as expressions of the Divine,  always will be … place is of no importance.” (1)

Similar false beliefs are that we’re born in sin, that anyone not of our faith will be denied heaven, that war can bring peace, etc.

These can cause fear and anxiety in us or send us in non-productive directions. They cause stress and a tightening of the body’s musculature, which further lowers our awareness.

Also, since the ultimate purpose of life is for us to realize our true identity (as God), false beliefs take us farther and farther away from that goal.  So they’re an immediate obstacle to our smooth Ascension and an ultimate obstacle to our Self-Realization and total mergence with God.

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(3) Character Armoring.

When we experience pain, shock, loss, and similar deeply-unwelcome feelings, we often tighten our body in reaction, using certain discernible ways. Often the bands of tension conform to thought patterns: a pain in the neck, a pain in the shoulders from carrying the world on them, a pain in the zorch, or a pain in the backside are examples.

Wilhelm Reich called the ways in which we introduce tension into our body “character armoring.” They armor us against attack from charged words, projected emotions, allegations, etc.

In general, an increase in muscular tension in the body results in a decrease in awareness. They’re inversely proportional to each other. Therefore the more tense we are, the less aware we are; the less tense, the more aware we are.

The desire for greater awareness is served by causing these bands of muscular tension to lift. That can be effected by meditation, relaxation, contact with Nature, exercise, yoga, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Even laughing and crying cause a release of tension from the inside out.

(4) Self-induced Illnesses and Other Medical Conditions.

I gave the example earlier of pains in the neck, stomach and backside as stemming from our ideas. Other illnesses do as well.

The event that had me start this blog is that I had colitis in Sept. 2009, could not go out of the apartment that much, and so needed something to do to while away the time.  Why did I have colitis, according to Archangel Michael? Because I couldn’t stomach what was happening in the world. A strong belief caused a bodily response or illness.

Another person might have diabetes because they’ve lost contact with the sweetness of life, according to him.

If we worry, we can cause ulcers. If we get angry, we can cause a total tensing of the body, which in turn may lead to back problems and layer after layer of character armoring. Louise Hayes’ book is full of illnesses and their attitudinal correlates. The point here is that we, by our thinking, can make ourselves sick and regularly do. These illnesses are self-induced.

(5) Our Image

To summarize to this point, we’ve dealt ourselves our hand by responding to ancient trauma by creating vasanas. We’ve allowed false beliefs to carry us in certain directions. We’ve saddled ourselves with character armoring and the lowered awareness it brings. And we’ve given ourselves medical conditions which affect our mobility. mood, and other lifestyle factors.

We then set about to construct an image, a representation of ourselves that takes all our choices into account and shows us to others, we believe, in the best possible light so as to maximize our chances of getting what we want from them.

We polish this image every day of our life, in “howdido” (How did I do?) conversations at work, in talking to our partner, our friends and relatives, etc. We spend our lives polishing an image rather than unveiling the real us.

We then attempt to sell this image of ourselves to others: I may represent myself as being lovable, good, strong, kind, generous, or adventuresome. If I operate self-servingly, I will say or do whatever promises to get me what I want from you or life.

In his workshops, John Enright would begin by asking everyone to reveal what act they’re going to use in the seminar to get what they want from other participants. That certainly cut down on the nonsense and manipulation and alerted us to drop our acts.

Our image is designed to get us what we desire – a partner, a job, a good deal, and so on. Once we get what we want, we revert to an entirely different and sometimes completely contradictory self.

For instance, once the cashier at the dollar store has made his sale and has our money, his smile wanes, he becomes matter of fact again, and his sense of cooperation and kindliness may dwindle. Once we find a partner, we may drop our courtship rituals and lapse into our regular and perhaps not too pretty self. Once we pass our probationary time at work, we may cease trying to try to make a favorable impression.

(6) The Constructed Self

I call this whole machinery – vasanas, beliefs, armoring, conditions, and image – the constructed self.

The constructed self is a mask that we wear, a mental and emotional house we live in. There’s no love in the constructed self.  Love needs to flow and a constructed self needs to remain fixed and stable.  The mask we wear is an impediment to love.  It’s a defence against disappointment. It isn’t real, authentic, or genuine. It’s a subterfuge.

When we begin to clear our vasanas and raise our false beliefs to awareness, we begin to take the constructed self apart, plank by plank. But it has the ability to spring up again the next day, although weaker with each new incarnation.

Ascension will sweep the constructed self away, never to return. Until then, we may find ourselves clearing, though the process will get easier and easier.

* * *

The Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love is bringing up more of our vasanas, beliefs, masks, character armoring, and illnesses, to be released. I’d be the last person to say that this’ll be the final clearing. But it may be enough to allow our crystalline bodies to finish forming and for us to enter the Fifth-Dimensional field of vibration.

But I think what I’d really like to convey and what I’d really like to see is for all of us to become clearing experts. Call it demolition experts, if you like, in the deconstruction of the constructed self, with its building materials of vasanas, false beliefs, character armoring, and illnesses. Why? Because (1) we’ll be helping other newcomers to clear their blocks and (2) we’ll always be clearing as we walk up Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness to join in the end with the Heavenly Father, the One, who stands at the top.


(1) The Arcturian Group, May 10, 2015, at

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