Steve Beckow: Can love Be “Sent”?

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 28, 2015

I said in an earlier post that I didn’t believe that I could send love to another or that love could be received from an “outside” source. (1)

Matthew Ward has educated me on the matter. He says that love can be sent from one person to the next, in his latest message of May 23, 2015:

“Light—let’s call it love, because that’s what we’re really talking about here—passing from one person to another is no different in cause and effect [than love arising in us], but you may want to initiate it by focusing on someone.

“When you do, instantaneously the vibrations in your thoughts and feelings reach that person. The energy flows from you along your thought form of intent and intensity, and the same measure of love that you sent goes directly to the ‘energy address’ you want it to. There can be no ‘false addresses’ because the intent and feelings are totally clear. The receiver won’t consciously know this, of course, but the receiver’s soul is aware of the ‘delivery.’” (2)

Having once had a clear and incontrovertible statement of the case, I can now go back and look at the record of other less complete statements or statements that lacked a developed argument and fit them into the jigsaw puzzle.

Mother Mary, which is to say, the Divine Mother since the Divine Mother incarnated as Mary, tell us that we bandy love back and forth between each other.

“The love you receive and the love you give are now one and the same, dear ones. It is a constant bandying of energy back and forth and within you as you learn to live within this beautiful ‘Net of Love,’ taking everything and seeing everything from that standpoint, the standpoint of love and beauty and the sweet soft nurturing that love is offering you now. (3)

Now that I know what to look for, I see other references to the efficacy of sending love. Here’s the Divine Mother again:

“Think of it in this way – if you are an energy healer, a healer of the Violet Flame, one of St. Germaine’s best friends, you send the love from your heart, from your hands, and you flood the person with healing energy, and it is a flow of color and richness, seen and unseen.

“And what would St. Germaine say to you? You are sending the love. …

“It is a transmission of love, whether it is from Gabrielle or Michael.” (4)

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells how love impacts us and what he says here is my experience as well. I’ve said on numerous occasions that I breathe love up from my heart and out into the world and I get to feel it as it passes through me. Archangel Michael says something very similar:

“When you turn inward and tap into that well-spring of Love within your Sacred Heart, it first permeates your Inner Being; the remainder then radiates out into the world. As a result, you will begin to see through eyes filtered by loving energy, which will change how you view the people in your life – it will also affect how you handle everyday challenges and opportunities – an overlay of loving energy creates miracles.”  (5)

So that answers the question for me. Love can indeed be transmitted from one person to the next, just as it is from the heart of the One to us.


(1) I said: “When I look at you with eyes of love, I really do believe that love doesn’t radiate from me to you.

“I’m convinced that my look inspires the love to arise in you. You feel your own love when you look at me. You remember the love that you are.

“I could be wrong. I challenge anyone to prove me so.” (“I Could Get Used to this,” May 16, 2015, at

(2) Matthew’s Message, May 23, 2015.

(3) “Mother Mary: You Are the ‘Harbingers of Love and Light,’” channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 9, 2014 at

(4) Loc. cit.

(5) “Archangel Michael: Love is a Natural State of Being, channelled through Ronna Herman, September 29, 2013, at

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