Troylynn Scott: Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension?

Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension?  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

By Troylynn Scott,, May 27, 2015

Is your mental functioning switching to that of a higher dimension?

The way we process thoughts and communicate in 3D and 5D are completely different experiences. As we ascend into the higher dimensions we will begin to notice at times that we are not processing our thoughts and communication the same. In 3D we use words that have definition to communicate with each other. In the higher realms, there is a lot more perception involved. I would like to share with you my personal experience.

Sometimes, I find myself seeing, feeling, and experiencing my reality in a 5D perspective. Some of you may have begun to experience some shifting of consciousness into 5D thought forms as well. Ascension is a gradual process. Each person ascends in their own way. You may have noticed experiencing some or all of what I have. Maybe even more.

Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension?  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

Words in the higher dimensions don’t have nearly as much substance as they do in 3D. They are communicated more with thoughts, feelings, and images. In this state words are often replaced, and your logical side of your brain will begin to work at a more accelerated rate to process and translate it all back in a 3D format for understanding and relaying information.

You can find yourself seeing multiple dimensions simultaneously. This includes but is not limited to, co existing in more than one place and time while you’re in this reality.

You function more on a knowing. Answers just begin to flood in from multiple places. These aren’t necessarily in the 3D though form. At first your mind will work harder to understand and process this information into a 3D though form.

You’re movements can become more like that of a dream like state. You can move around going up and down stairs, but it will be perceived from a hazy and light headedness. This could take some getting used to. There may even be entities around that may just jump in your face to see if they can get a reaction, and you may find that you can sense the entities in the other dimensions your in as well as their vibrations.

Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension?  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

You may also notice that if you start to actually talk that your eyes could appear to wonder and roll around. That eye contact with people just falls away when talking to people. From a 3D view it may appear that you are off your rocker. However, this is farthest from the truth. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re thought processing is shifting into that of the higher dimensions.

You may find yourself beginning to relay your communication from a 5D thought pattern. Using your feelings and actual meaning. You may even discover that words lack the meaning to communicate what we are trying to communicate. Because the 3D way of thought is limited to words. In the higher dimensions they utilize so much more.

This may feel strange or awkward at first. You may find it difficult to cope with in the beginning. Knowing what is happening is a huge step to accepting and being open to experience our new way of thought processing.

Since it has similarities to being intoxicated. I call this spiritual intoxication, for lack of a better name. I would also like to add that I was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. This is a natural occurrence as a result of lots of work to raise my vibration to that of unconditional love.

I use a multitude of practices to assist my journey. Positive affirmations, meditation, visual stimulation, and various things I consume. Like Pink Himalayan Salt, activated charcoal, organic and vegetarian diet, spring water, crystals, (I even let the crystals sit in the water with the Himalaya salt over night and meditate over it before drinking) incense, and distance healings that I have been receiving from Galactic Connection. (Yes, I recommend them)

Now I’ve decided to come out of the closet and share about my experiences. I have been working with this in private. I don’t have much control over it. I have used toxins such as a few puffs of a cigarette to bring me down to a more controllable state. I do not recommend this to anyone. However, consuming toxins will  lower your vibrations. I AM currently looking for healthy ways of staying more grounded during this transition.

If any of you have experienced or have knowledge of this topic, I hope you comment below!

About the author:
Troylynn Jackson Scott lives in Pennsylvania. She has been actively involved in raising her vibration for several years now, and considers herself a member of the first wave. She wrote this article for In5D to bring the new way of thought into the light, hoping that this subject will be brought up in discussion and examined so techniques and coping strategies can be introduced to the public. It will go more smoothly for all of us if we can understand and embrace these changes that are to come.


  1. grounding can be done doing tree meditation. imagine and feel your roots going into th earth and receive enrgy from mother earth. Then visualize and feel from your abdomen to the top of your head is the tree trunk. Then visualize your brances and leaves coming out of your head and anchor into the heavens receiving grace

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  2. Yes, my boyfriend and I are very much resonating with your experiences here. If possible, I actually recommend juicing marijuana for drinking it. You don’t get the affects of the THC, only the healthy benefits. It does ground as well. We have found that we are “talking” more to our Guides channeling. (I channel). Also, I am a Reiki practitioner, and use this every day on both of us. Sending loving energies to you and All of us for a more “smooth” transitional period. We are all One. ❤

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  3. Yes, I have been feeling the changes taking place. I try to stay aware of the changes in progress, educate myself on the dimensional shifts and vibrational frequencies that are happening to not only me, but also mother earth and all living things on earth. It seems to me my dream time and waking life are blurring and merging together somehow. My dreams seem so vivid and real sometimes, like it is even more real than my awake life. My awake life sometimes feels so fake and unreal….like it is just a dream and not real. I can not relate to linear time anymore and want to just do whatever feels right in this moment. It seems like my past and future do not matter and I do not worry about it anymore. I operate more on a feeling “intuitive” level than a thinking “ego” level. I use to be a “workaholic” but now it is important for me to spend time in nature and be around animals. Orbs show up in my pictures and I think I am starting to see “energy”. At night (when it is dark or almost dark) while in bed I see flashes of light and a formless ball of energy (greenish grey color)….hovering above my head or moving around the room. I can also ” feel” this energy (it is warm and has a high vibration). At first I was afraid of this visit from the spiritual realm….
    But now I hoping and thinking they are my spirit guides.. ??? Anyone experienceing this or have ideas on what is coming to visit me ?


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