LJ Vanier: What is 3D Earth?

what is 3d earth

By LJ Vanier, Soul Sciences, February 28, 2015

If we think about the universe as multi-dimensional with layers upon layers of energy and frequency vibrations. Then it isn’t so hard to see or believe that our earth is not just composed of one “round ball” . The two “other earths” are spiritual realms that exist without the base matter of middle earth. They are formless, yet they do have form. This is why it is said that we live in a 3 dimensional world.

The coin termed “crossing over” or “I’ll see you on the flip side” holds the precise terminology for the fact that we are existing in not one dimension of reality but  3 dimensions of “reality”as we know it. The picture to the below has been edited with photo shop to express what has been viewed during astral travel.  It is interesting to discover this information, as the jargon we use in day to day conversations and even in science talks about 3 dimensions but is used in different context.  The worlds countries are also divided into 1st world, 2nd world and 3rd world countries.


In African Mythology still held today, it is believed that in Tanzania at Mt. Kilamanjaro lies the fringe between the worlds. The three worlds or “three earths” depicted above  are an understanding  of the Trinity of  Shamanism where the world is divided into three levels. Commonly the other worlds are perceived as lower and upper.

In fact, they are not. The traditional “lower” world is not hell. The world is a place where your power animal or totem animal resides. It has water, but is mainly composed of rocks and minerals. There is no sunlight, but holds a light of its own.

The upper world is commonly referred to as “heaven”  (it is not it is adjacent) and is the place where your inner self can be found and where you connect with spirit guides and shamans.

Getting to the core.

IMG_1780At the core of the three worlds you find the Tree. The Tree of life, the Tree of wisdom.

Generally, you cannot pass into the upper or lower worlds without being faced with the snake at the tree. (meaning having your Primal life force Kundalini activated).

The tree of wisdom is where the entirety of the earth life force energy is held. You must be without fear to face the snake.

Here is where the confusion is. There is a lot of hype going around about everyone “ascending to 5 dimensional”, or higher. This is misleading and I do not believe it to be the right interpretation.  What is happening is we are becoming, aware of the other 2 dimensions or the “3 earths” in our conscious waking state .

It is not until we can explore the 3 earths and what this platform has to offer before we can move forward to other “planets” that have more/higher dimensions or layers of reality.

As our consciousness evolves and we move through the initiations or degrees, what will happen is most people will move up to a fifth degree of consciousness. Meaning they are aware of the worlds, have travelled the path that leads to the stars, have been reborn, have met their spirit guides and have an understanding of the universe at large.

Hope this helps clarify the dimensions and consciousness.

See you all on the flipsid!

Namaste LJ Vanier

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