Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Peace Sparkles Its Silver Light

Heavenletters.org, May 25, 2015

God said:

Some days you are happy to simply survive. You don’t even ask for happiness any more. You would be happy for the day to be over without huge anguish, broken heart and irreparable damage. You don’t ask to get off unscathed any more. You may be grateful to settle for life without happiness and perhaps a little less misery. You are even grateful for a day without catastrophe!

You don’t recall when this state of affairs entered. You do remember in the not too distant past when life cheered you up, and you looked forward to each day, and you had much elation. When joy started to make its exit, you do not know. Yet life turned into energy lost and hope denied, and you hung on for your next breath.

You felt suspended from life, almost as if you were hung from a meat hook. You were, We could say inaudible. Unhappiness had outlasted itself.

Joyous energy is coming back to declare itself.

You will become light of heart and light of foot again. Life is arriving for you now like a Cinderella carriage ready to carry you around Earth from an elevated height. You will be jumping from joy again. Your zest is returning. Life is reclaimed.

It seems as though there has been a torrent of tears shed or unshed, yet gallons of fear will no longer be spilled upon Earth. You will discover fun-loving resources within you again, and smiles will take over the Earth. You who have felt lost will be found again, and laughter will be heard once more across the land and deep in your heart.

It felt to you like happiness was on a sabbatical and did not play upon Earth as it used to, as though happiness had been biding its time. By the time this Heavenletter opens its eyes to the world, happiness will have been restored. The grass that has grown brown has been watered once again – no longer with tears but with the vast waters of love.

All that ever can be missing is evidence of love, yet love is a constant. Love shouts from the rafters while you are not listening to love but rather to shadows and doubts. Long live love. Recognize the fullness of love inside and outside your heart.

There has been a revival of love staring you in the face. Heaven has reclaimed Earth, and your heart is saved, and love pours upon the ground and is savored as a day well-done and a world that provides for your every perceived need.

Yet need is an illusion. Abundance is true. You are true, and your heart is true.

This is your day of reckoning. Today is what you have been waiting for, and today is here. It is straight before you. It no longer dangles before you. You are reunited with the present time. All burdens are lifted. Truth is dawning once again. Truth has arrived, and you can no longer overlook it.

Love is declared. Love sweeps across the Universe. My Will is done. Trees blossom once again, and vines bear grapes. Joy flowers across the fields and bunnies hop and there are breezes and revitalization across the Earth. You are fleet of foot and firm of foot, and the Sun shines in all its blazing glory, and once again you know Life on Earth as the blessing it truly is. Furthermore, you feel the goldenness of your spirit, and it is plain to see that peace reigns on Earth. Peace sparkles its silver light and all there is is light and light and light forevermore.

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