Steve Beckow: Challenging Times Ahead – Part 2/2


Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 24, 2015

(Continued from Part 1.)


We can use Archangel Michael’s blue sword of truth to cut the bands of attachment. Being attached to an outcome is a contributing factor to stress.

We can use St. Germaine’s violet flame to consume our stress. These techniques, working through the creative imagination, dissolve the knots in consciousness that hold stress in place.

Another strategy? Ask for listening. Not help. Don’t ask to be fixed or counselled or advised. Ask to be heard.

(The last thing we want to hear in a time of stress is “There, there, dear.”)

What we need at a time like this is a listener who’ll allow us to get everything out on the table, without interruption.

What people don’t have in our society is sufficient air time to discover for themselves what’s going on for them. They need it more at a time of high stress.

But only part of the value lies in experientially seeing the total picture of what we’re up against. An even greater part lies in the “Aha!” moment of realized knowledge that often follows, which lifts us up and unravels the whole situation for us instantly. The puzzle has become a picture and we feel release.

Another good way to get on top of stress is to take a stand on ourselves. The stand I take on myself is that I operate in the service of the Divine Mother and I’ve promised her that I will not fail. According to the Boss, that’s the key promise I made in this life (Linda would call it a key motivator) and also my core issue (fear of failing).

Without turning it into a core issue, I take the stand that I will not fail the Divine Mother this lifetime.

That means no sexual misconduct (the single biggest cause, I think, for the fall of most leaders). No financial misconduct – or even imprudence. And no excessive control over others. If stress overcomes me, these are the areas I would most likely act out in so I need to be vigilant.

We need to make our approaches to stress easy, safe and portable because, as lightworkers rather than lightholders, we’ll be leading very active lives. Often we won’t be in the comfort and safety of our own homes. If stress hits, we may have to manage it in strange settings, without access to our usual sources of soothing (warm bath, cycling, working out, etc.).

For that reason, everything about our approach to stress has to be (1) well thought out, (2) put in place ahead of time, and (3) portable; that is, capable of being taken with us to every setting (either on paper or in the computer; not in memory, which diminishes in times of stress). Planning, planning, planning works.

These are all things that I believe we as lightworkers (and especially the financial wayshowers) have to consider ahead of time and help each other with.

Stress management will soon be the order of the day for lightworkers working with abundance flows. Then, after organizations begin to be set up to disperse funds or run lightworker projects, emphasis will shift and conflict management will become the order of the day.

Lightwork is a cooperative effort. We’re in this together. We need to work as one if we’re to accomplish all that’s expected of us at the human level; i.e., building Nova Earth. Unitive consciousness is fast showing up as a necessity, rather than an option. Maybe stress is what it takes to have us go “pop!” in this area. (1)

In the meantime, never has so much been expected of so few with so little … for so long.  I’m really proud of you, the group of lightworkers who’ve continued with this discussion for so long and through such hard times.

There’s no rest for the committed (well, less rest than for everyone else).  Soon the real work will begin. That’ll test the degree of our self-cleansing and of our openness to the higher virtues.


(1) I.e., the knowledge instantaneously goes from being merely intellectual, past being experiential, to becoming realized. A realized moment.

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