Lisa Gawlas: May Into June… Dreams Into Created Reality!!


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, May 18, 2015

This time period we are in, should not called “the shift” of the ages, which denotes a single shift, but instead, the shift, of the shift, of the shift, of the shift (and keep going) of the ages.

Especially since this “Shifting” is collapsing and births of new realities, new consciousness systems/collectives, higher,more refined frequencies we are stepping into and using.  Just when you think you have a handle on something…. here we grow again, and again, and again!!

Let me tell ya, (as you already know) its freakin exhausting!!!   I wake up more tired than I went to sleep and seem to drag my butt around all day long wishing I was asleep.  Granted, this is the not the first time these feelings of fatigue gripped us, again that many shifts we went thru to get to here, but this one is big and long-lasting!!!

I have only done one reading the last two days, but she gave us an exciting as well as the ongoing perplexity of what is happening.  That crazy bell form has moved to the right, representing our perception of future.  I could only see half of it in her reading as her team added an extra element to this HUGE energy system we are birthing together.  Thru the deepest night sky that now made up my back yard in her reading, came puffs of enlarging energy… some deep red, some deep blue… they created the visual to show us how far into deep space this energy is arriving in our atmosphere.  As it got closer to her point in the imagery it grew larger and larger and the dissipated, I suppose much like what happens to a soap-bubble when you blow it too big, it disperses itself into the air.

Later that same day, I decided to get out my handy-dandy pendulum.  I haven’t sat and used that thing since sometime last year.  But being on that show, Kelli in the raw and she showed me her pendulum, I had to show her mine (show and tell lol) but in that moment, I could feel the gathered energy sitting in my pendulum, my version of inviting archangel michael over for coffee, instead of calling him on the phone (meditation.)  Hey, it works for me!! lol

So, I got our my A B C’s chart, got my pendulum out and sat and okay Mikey Baby, I know you have something to say… say it!  What I find amusing within myself, I already hear what he is saying before the pendulum swings out the entire sentence, but it’s somehow, oddly clearer this way.  But with this sentence, he didn’t let me hear it, instead he spelled it out.  “House in arc.”  Huh????  What the hell does that mean.  I have dubbed his communication with me as my archangel of quantum physics, but this left me confused… as usual.  So, gotta bring out a clarity question, what the hell does that mean???  What arc??   Alright, a couple of clarity questions!!  As the pendulum started to swing to the E, I heard the word energy… HEYYYYY!!!  I do not want to hear the word energy, so he simply swung out ELG.  What the hell is an ELG??  I had to giggle… Energy Lisa Gawlas.  I’m still clueless over here.  Like spirit, he doesn’t care!!

So I put my pendulum down and looked up arc as it relates to science:


Geometry. any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curvedcurved line.

Also called electric arc. Electricity. a luminous bridge formed in a gap between two electrodes.

Funny how, thru my pondering and re-asking, he reminded me of the way he formed the sentence… IN… my HOUSE (is) in (an) arc.  The arc is ELG (from me I suppose.)  What the hell does that even mean??  Of course, I still have no clue.

So I decided to ask a more direct question that is in my heart:  So Mikey baby, are you going to come visit me in the physical reality.  He quickly swing the pendulum to the Y, our short way of saying yes.  My mind scrambled back to his opening sentence… geez if you just appear in my house, please make it during the daytime.  That will still scare the crap out of me, but only for a moment.  Nighttime… the wimp within lives strongly!!!

I put the pendulum down and just pondered for a few hours.  Then, inspired to hear one more thing, picked it up again and said… ok… now what?  (Yeah, I can have attitude with half answers and half insights.)  He swung out “Be Prepaid.”  Shit, I could feel the energy in my arms as the energy released to move the pendulum… for what???  MICHAEL.

That was the end of that.  I am not ready to hear any more, thank you very much.  For days now, since that moment, an energy session I had with a man who stopped by back in February, a man actually named Michael, kept showing itself again and again… the potential energy merge that was given to him.  Prepping him… I will copy and paste what I sent to him after this (meditation) session back then:

…a vision, a full on energy I will never not ever forget….
I could see you laying the table like you would witness a snake-skin which no longer housed the snake.  On the opposite side of my table, next to my window… Ohhhh my dear good god… a full on material Archangel Michael.  No identity (facial features that were clear) but I know that soul signature anywhere… and as I watched him, which is equally you, he opened his wings… It is downright shameful I cannot draw a lick… the feathers so brilliant white with a trim on every feather of Gold.
I will do a massage for you when you get here… its not even a choice, its a responsibility of completion.
I personally have been working/playing with aa michael geez, 2008 I think… never did I ever see him in full form.  I don’t see any of my guides/teachers/spiritual playmates in full form and hadn;t since my early years.  Minus the soul once known as Jorge turned Norte.  Now, I do want to say, that month long session of transformation never found completion cuz the man known as Michael, willingly and freely gave every ounce of this energy to a stranger.  (Long story, not needed in details again.)
Shortly after that session, I could see this crispy charcoal black man get up off my massage table and with a brief case in hand, walked out of my front door.  I knew the end of that.
But with this radiant, spread eagle (smile) remembrance of AA Michael standing at the far wall of my home kept circling around my mind, strange noises have been happening there the last few days.  I have decided, I am just as much a wimp in the daylight as I am in the night.  All I could think is… oh shit… I’m not ready.  I could feel the… YIKES within… moving up as I would turn my head slowly to see what might have feel, or scratched against the wall.  Of course, there is nothing over there, which heightened my nervousness/anxiety.  I still have some preparing inside to do!!  Who knew!!!???  lol
Now lets bring this all back to the shifting of the bell thingie, I realized today that the reason I only could see half of it was because the other half, the part I could not see, was releasing itself into new, versions of itself… realities made manifest.  Dreams come true.  We must have hit the gong these last few days…
The only thing I understand about any of this… June brings it all into solidity.  How… I have no freakin clue, but no doubt, day by day, the readings will reveal it all… eventually!!
Ya know, as I am sitting here ready to close this sharing for today, I am seeing all the businesses I created over my lifetime… their names.  Like leaving bread crumbs in my/our story of life.  The first one I ever put together, I was 24ish and was called “The Valleys Helping Hands” (gift certificate book, think… Dynamate.)  The second one:  The End of the Rainbow Lottery club, third one (actually, it was the fourth one, I had two at the same time at this stage… The Buyers Market newspaper, but on a whim created “Dreams Come True Dating Service.”   Then we have my website that I started creating way back in 2003 whose original name was “Spiritual Healing – Gods Way” that eventually morphed into the name “The Wonder of YOU” that now rests as The Soul Center.
The arc of my Life!!!
Love you all sooo much.  Have the most amazing, uplifting, KNOWING day/week/month/life!!!
(((HUGZ)))) of boundless love and eternal joy to ALL!!!!
Lisa Gawlas  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.  I will be sending out emails to those already signed up for June today.  Sorry, I went really deep within this week.

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