What’s the Point of Being Positive?

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

With all of the bad things that are happening right now, why should we be positive? Why should we try to ‘send love and light’ as some people in the conscious community say, when there’s so much destruction and wickedness in the world?

Some people might think that the spiritual seekers who try to stay in a loving space are fooling themselves, and the word ‘new ager’ is usually tossed about when it comes to this subject.

Is being ‘positive’ an excuse to avoid the negative things happening in the world, or is there a deeper purpose behind it? From my perspective, staying in a balanced, heart-centered space is more crucial than ever, and it’s precisely because of all of the twisted things that are happening right now.

The world needs our stereotypical ‘love and light’ more than ever, and in my opinion, most of the people who send love aren’t fooling themselves or failing to understand the world’s dire situation.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I think that a lot of spiritual seekers do understand how bad things are, and this is why they send love, stay positive or at least balanced, and do anything else that they feel will help turn our situation around.

It all comes down to the condition of the collective consciousness and subconscious, and if it’s damaged (which it is), then the world will be damaged too. If our collective subconscious is in bad shape, this broken condition will be reflected in the world around us.

Our collective subconscious is clearly whacked out, and this is why we see so much negativity and senseless violence in the world. Plenty of people have said that the revolution that’ll change the world is a personal one, and we have to get to a calm, centered, relatively loving space within before we can make any kind of change.

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The world needs love, and this has never been more apparent than it is now. The world needs conscious, empowered individuals who recognize that personal transformation leads to planetary transformation, and more people are stepping up by the day to make personal changes and lead by example.

This is why so many people turn to ‘love and light’ or ‘blessing the world’ when they’re confronted with our planet’s obviously broken condition. They aren’t deluded, and in fact, they’ve unlocked one of many keys to permanently transforming the earth.

The world can’t change until we’ve each looked within and made the personal changes that lead back to love, and a growing number of spiritual seekers understand this and are doing everything they can to stay centered and funnel their love out to the rest of the world, which obviously needs it.

I’d encourage anyone who’s found their center to embrace the world’s darkness instead of ignoring it or hiding from it, because we’re here to confront the evil that exists here and shine our light on it so it can be transformed into the benevolent energy of love-fueled consciousness it once was.

We’re energy transmuters, and we’ve come here to transmute the darkness into light.

I’m not talking about the ‘false light’ that’s become a popular object of discussion in the conscious community – I’m talking about true, genuine light (and love), which, when directed at the right areas, will have far more positive consequences than a protest or a rally.

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So continue to send love to parts of the world that desperately need it, and continue to participate in group meditations that are designed to heal aspects of our society that have long been damaged.

Continue to send your unabashed love to the planetary elite (who clearly need it) while remembering to be a little rebellious too. We need a little rebellion, and along with centeredness and the ability to be rational, it’ll help us get the elite’s attention and let them know that we aren’t taking their abuse any longer.

The act of sending love is incomplete if we don’t back it up with real action in the physical, and similarly, social action is incomplete if we don’t back it up with the very real energies of love and light.

Let’s be the conscious, love-fueled rebels we’ve come here to be, and let’s refuse to wane from our mission or leave our center when we face the usual stresses and obstacles. Most importantly, let’s refuse to let anyone make us think we’re fools or we’re ignoring the bad when we send positive vibes, because our positivity is more effective than we realize.

We have the awesome, omnipotent power of our creator by our side, so let’s use this power to facilitate the inner and outer changes we’ve needed to make for a long time.

The world won’t permanently change because of protests or even the dethroning of the elite. It’ll change as a result of the deeply personal inner changes we can now make, which will reintroduce us to our ‘love and light’ and our ability to radiate them out to the earth and our society.

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