Steve Beckow: I Could Get Used to This

Van Isl 1
What I never see when driving or bussing

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 16, 2015

When I look at you with eyes of love, I really do believe that love doesn’t radiate from me to you.

I’m convinced that my look inspires the love to arise in you. You feel your own love when you look at me. You remember the love that you are.

I could be wrong. I challenge anyone to prove me so.

I’ve been watching carefully and, except for spiritual experiences, which are happening more often now than at any time in my life, love arises from inside, from the heart. Consistently. I’d think that would be no surprise for most people.

I had a spiritual experience on the bus today. I asked this morning for an expansion in my ability to love and I sure got it. All day.

It wasn’t simply and purely love. It felt for hours as if I were suspended in bliss. Every care I had in the world was completely gone. I had no desire but to just be there in the bliss.

Every time something like this happens I say: “That’s my true nature.” “Yes, now, that’s my true nature.” Everything good, everything noble, everything helpful is part of my (or our) true nature.

Spiritual experiences are still rare if more common than in past years.   What has become more of a steady diet is love.

Love 1
New Love Interest

Love is the simplest thing in the world. I get that we have to ask for it if we want our hearts to be opened to it.

Every blessing of any magnitude is the gift of God through the angels. (1) And we have to ask to receive their aid and blessings.

You remember, when I had my heart opening just before my March 13 reading with Archangel Michael, that the last thing he said when he explained why it had happened was that I had asked for it.

“Ask and ye shall receive.” Loving respect for our freewill requires that we ask first.

You can be sure I’ve been a nagging kid in a candy store since then, asking for this and that.

Now that love arises freely (except in the trough times), life has become simpler.

I’ve never had the reception from service people that I do now. I use that as a standard of measurement. Imprecise but trend-revealing. I don’t know if it’s because of the love on my face or the impact of the rising energies on them or both.

When love is coursing through me, the kind of active day I led today is a blast. There’s no resistance.

I rode my bike through Vancouver, sometimes in residential neighborhoods, sometimes downtown; sometimes with the bike hitched to the bus.

And even though the man in the bike shop sold me the wrong rearview mirror, the bike fell over once, the groceries tumbled out, I struggled to discover how to use a bus bike rack, my glasses dropped to the ground after I got on the bike, and every other thing went wrong from moment to moment to moment, I merrily coursed along, completely happy, completely loving.

Street 1
Again, I seldom stop long enough to appreciate this kind of scene: The street where I live. Beautiful, no?

Having grocery-shopped, I am at this moment drifting through the rooms of my apartment in a mood of bliss. Unpacking the groceries, doing the dishes – every time I even think of the Divine Mother, never mind telling her I love her, I almost fall unconscious from the bliss.

Make the blender drink, butter the toast, pirouette from room to room. As I write this, I float higher and higher in increasing amounts of bliss, almost going under from time to time.

Now I know why Archangel Michael doesn’t want lightworkers (lightholders, yes)  getting enlightened to advanced states: we wouldn’t want to do our service.  We’d just sit there blissed out of our skulls.

All of this is getting ready to build Nova Earth. It’s preparing the ground.   It’s learning the basic skills of a world that works. (2)

Just yesterday I wrote out the plan for a retreat for the members of one of the projects I’ll be doing after the Reval.  I planned for speakers on decision-making, credibility analysis, human growth through service (karma yoga), and so on.  I’m combining a vacation with work. If work were even visible, that is. When love flows, life is a dance. It’s all play. There is no work.

If this is Fifth Dimensionality, bring it on, baby. I could get used to this.


(1) “The Decision Rests with Our Angels,” April 18, 2015, at and “Angels Radiate God’s Influence to Humanity,” Oct. 14, 2012, at See also “Angels – Angels enlighten, or participate in the enlightenment of, humans” at

(2) Andrew Eardley yesterday took a walk around the perimeters of the City of London, releasing darkness.  Walking for a world that works. None of us is waiting; we’re too busy creating.

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