Steve Beckow: Heart Consciousness Is the New Reality

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 12, 2015

Let’s continue to settle into the subject of heart consciousness.

As far as I can see, saying “settle into heart consciousness” is no different than saying “imagine communing with your Higher Self.” The two – the heart and the seat of higher consciousness – are, as far as I can see, the same. Both are simply names for the fount of love that emanates from the Mother/Father One and resides in the spiritual heart. Jesus called it “the pearl of great price.”

Archangel Michael defines Ascension as our vibrational shift to a higher realm of heart consciousness.

“Ascension … is the elevation of your being into an entirely different, higher, expanded realm of heart consciousness. And with that, the attendant abilities to create, co-create and bring forth Nova Earth.” (1)

Heart consciousness is the new reality, he told us recently, in the course of discussing our role as lightworkers and loveholders:

“You are the embodiment and the physical anchors, activators, doers of creating Nova Earth. You are the anchors of Ascension, … of the heart consciousness that is the new reality.” (2)

Nova Being, the Divine Mother says, is tied to our ability and willingness to love and our willingness to demonstrate our commitment to love in physicality. Those states of being result in the expansion of our heart consciousness:

“If the love is not present, if the commitment [to love, and] the demonstration of that commitment is not present in physicality, then how is it Nova Earth? How are you Nova Beings? How does that reflect the anchoring of heart consciousness?” (3)

Archangel Michael calls the “ignition” that triggers one phase of Ascension full heart consciousness.

“Ignition is the feeling, the awareness, the understanding — and many of you already have this — that you are love, that you are completely in your heart consciousness, that you are in the joy even when there appears to be a morass of chaos around you, and that your focus is completely on creation, the creation of the new.

“And it is the turning of a switch, of the collective.” (4)

One moment we’re in our normal state of worry, hope and fear and the next moment, a switch is turned on (“ignition”) and we’re completely in the love of our heart consciousness.  That’s the phase of Ascension that we as lightworkers are facilitating and working towards. (Sahaja Samadhi, the culmination of Ascension, lies further down the road.)

The Divine Mother explains that we’ll experience unity consciousness as an explosion of heart consciousness that will have us embrace our integrated divinity. I experienced a heart opening as an explosion so I can imagine further ones.

“When you enter into unity consciousness – think of it as the implosion and explosion of heart consciousness – it is you surrendering and at the same time assuming responsibility for the truth and the totality of who you are, all aspects, all parts – integrated divinity.” (5)

What I take from her remarks is that this balance point of surrendering to the truth of who we are while assuming responsibility for it is the portal to Ascension for us. (6) Or at least one phase of it. (Not Sahaja.)

She goes on to make a point about unity consciousness that I’ve also been making about love and a heart opening.

I said that, where there’s no remembrance of past injuries, there’s no need for forgiveness. And where there’s no fear, there’s no need for courage.

She says that, where there’s unity consciousness, the fear of not being special disappears.  She tells us:

“In unity consciousness, the fear of not being unique and special disappears because the knowing, the wisdom, the sublime bliss of being love is enough to let down your barriers and joyfully, ecstatically, without defenses – without what you would call vasanas – to join in genuine cooperation, admiration of each other, of the uniqueness of your gifts, of the unique expression you have chosen, and I have chosen for you.

“And so this sense that ‘if I conjoin, I lose something’ is gone.” (7)

Moreover, a feeling such as feeling special or self-importance has no place in the higher dimensions. It simply cannot find a foothold to exist in them.

I believe that’s why Sri Ramakrishna used to counsel people to walk into the lake, jump in, dive in – it matters not. It only matters that people get themselves into the lake.

The lake – the higher dimensions – are of themselves sublime and do not support or allow our negative emotions or vasanas to exist. Once we’re in that lake, these all disappear.

Archangel Michael tells us that sacred union is being emphasized at this time because it’s a way to open us up to heart communication.

“What is happening with these sacred unions … what is being opened, is the opportunity to renew and rediscover and raise the bar in terms of what is heart communication.

“So that all the dross is eliminated. And so that there truly is [an opportunity for the mind] to stand in partnership with the heart. …

“And that is how you enter into the heart communication. … There is no room for artifice. And there is no room for the subtext.” (8)

The call is for authenticity and love. Throw out our rackets and numbers. Let down our guard but also commit. As the Mother said, we have the reward but we also have the responsibility.

Archangel Michael has been working on us in this area for quite a while. Here he is in 2013 cheering us on to be with and notice the subtle shifts and full opening of our hearts.

“Simply [allow] yourself to be with the fullness of who you are and [notice] not merely the subtle shifts, but the full opening of your heart, and how you are more in your heart consciousness than you ever have been before. …

“You are allowing and exploring areas and things to occur that perhaps were a no-fly zone earlier.” (9)

So the opening of our hearts and the full expansion of our heart consciousness is a vital part of our Ascension.  We’re ascending together and the development of heart communication and connection culminating in the rise of unitive consciousness is itself the Ascension plan.

Love unites. And whatever remains separate, love wants to unite with. That’s the flow of life, to and beyond Ascension.

Channeled material through Linda Dillon is copyright by the Council of Love, Inc., 2015, and is used with permission.


(1) “Archangel Michael: Being, Knowing, and Sharing the Love,” Oct. 27, 2013, at How reminiscent his words are of the Divine Mother’s:

“When we speak of this blessing and virtue of grace, it is the acceptance – the heart acceptance translated into heart consciousness – of your wholeness and totality. And your alignment with divine spirit as well.

“It is your acceptance that you are creator and co-creator and particularly during this time of Ascension that you are co-creator not only of your own Nova Being but of Nova Earth and Nova Gaia, Terra Gaia.” (“Transcript: The Divine Mother on Grace on Heavenly Blessings, April 30, 2013,” at

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(6)  “Surrendering to the truth of who we are” could be seen as the enlightenment component. “Assuming responsibility for it” could be seen as what Adyashanti might call the embodiment component (i.s., bringing our enlightenment back down and being accountable for what use we make of it).

(7) Loc. cit.

(8) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2014.

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