Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: What Does It Mean That You Are God’s Beloved?

Heavenletters: What Does It Mean That You Are God’s Beloved? Received by Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, May 12, 2015

God said:

Arise. Stand in for Me. All that you desire Me to be is contained within you. You are a keeper of the Trust, shall We say. I trust in you. I have invested Myself in you and thoughts of you and attention on you. You who art the seekers of My trust are also the keepers of My trust, and so are you One with Me, and I – I am One with you. Together, We can do anything.

In Me you trust, and I trust in you. Yes, you can rely on Me, yet relying on Me doesn’t mean that you are to sit around waiting for Me as if you were helpless. I rely on you to take care of what is yours to take care of. I never intended you to ask Me to do what is yours to do. I rely on you to further your goals. If you want to start a business, you are the one who starts it. Truly, I serve you, and, truly, you must serve Me Who art your very Self.

You don’t recline and eat bon-bons while you wait for Me to deliver your dreams fulfilled. You were never meant to be incapable. I have asked you to take responsibility for yourself. I ask you to help others, and yet you have learned that you can help others too much and that this is not a favor to anyone either. You cannot take over for everyone, for then you may foster a dependency that is not helpful. Beloveds, I am God, yet I am not a lamp you rub. Yes, I come to your aid. You do not know how many times.

You are My heir, yet you are an heir or heiress who works for a living and contributes highly to your own life. Settle down, and you will find the ways to fulfill your dreams. It’s better for you that you roll up your sleeves and earn your stripes. Your vision and thoughts are powerful. I never meant for you to loll around in life without lifting a finger. Lazy bones, get up and serve yourself. Then you know you are not an emperor who lounges on a divan and doesn’t know how to butter his own bread. Would you really like that? What do you have arms for? What are you for?

As a leader, you lead. You know how to feed yourself. Remember, others follow you. And so you move, and so you lead others to move. You are leading others. You guide them. How do you help others learn to lead unless you take responsibility for yourself? Know whereof you speak.

What if all My children sat around waiting for Me to solve each and every difficulty in life for them as if they did not have hearts and minds of their own? We are a team, it’s true, yet My children are prime movers in their own lives. You make tracks. You have My permission to move in the world. Part of My service is to give you permission to find solutions for yourself. I support you. I treasure you, yet I am not your handmaiden. A mother might say: “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, my child,” yet the mother doesn’t mean that she will intervene for you every time and keep you from your own self-reliance.

You must know that prayers are not meant to exonerate you from responsibility. You may take week-ends off from work, yet not take leave of responsibility. Yes, rely on Me. Let go of control, and know success is coming. You are, nevertheless, a participant in good works.

Yes, I am always here for you. Sometimes I do sweep you up. I decidedly cheer you on. I am behind you and for you, and I surround you with My love. I do not make you a hanger-on. I make you strong. I love to help. I serve you, yet I am not your maid, dear ones. I am at your service, yet I am not your valet. I am not your errand-runner. I am not to wait on you hand and foot, nor are you to expect Me to, yet you are My beloved.

You are My beloved.

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