Steve Beckow: Everything but Love Is a Distraction


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 11, 2015

The Divine Mother told us in late 2013 that falling in love, entering into sacred union with one another, and discovering what relationship truly is is not simply a part of the Divine Plan; it is the Plan. She said:

“As you … receive the gifts, the energy, the love that we send you through divine movement, (1) that others send you from the various realms of existence, and the many realms and dimensions, you are able not only to join with yourself, but with us and with each other.

“You are recognizing the pattern of genuine relationship, and what that looks and feels like is this gift not only of heart consciousness and inter-dimensionality, but physicality as well.

“As you rise, you are more able to clearly grasp not only the idea or the concept, the construct of creation in its fullest sense, but you are able to join with us.

“Is this part of the plan? Dear hearts, it is the plan. There are many details, many aspects, many attunements, but the plan has always been one of union and reunion. And you have known this in your basic understanding of your spiritual journey, your spiritual journey back to us, back to One, back to Source, however you have defined it.” (2)

A relationship without heart consciousness is likely to lead to dissatisfaction on both parts and a “going through the motions” relationship.

If heart consciousness informs our relationships, they are more likely to lead to union, oneness or unitive consciousness.  Jesus tells us that we don’t have to understand the process. We just have to keep coming back to the love which informs our heart and surrender to it.

“In surrender is the trusting, the absolute trusting and knowing — yes, knowing — and wisdom of your heart, of your heart consciousness, of this massive expansion that you are undergoing right now and have been undergoing at least for the past year.

“So, yes, refer to your brilliant minds, but if you think that you are not understanding or following the entire conversation, let it go and come back to what is important. And that is, you are love. It is all you have ever been. Everything else — everything else, every other lifetime — it’s just a distraction.” (3)

The Divine Mother speaks of this surrender as “acceptance” of our totality. This acceptance extends to and includes our role as co-creators of Nova Being and Nova Earth.

“When we speak of this blessing and virtue of grace, it is the acceptance – the heart acceptance translated into heart consciousness – of your wholeness and totality. And your alignment with divine spirit as well.

“It is your acceptance that you are creator and co-creator and particularly during this time of Ascension that you are co-creator not only of your own Nova Being but of Nova Earth and Nova Gaia, Terra Gaia.” (4)

Archangel Michael characterizes the shift to heart consciousness we’re making at this time to one of coming to the place of balance. The balance point is the center point and that’s the heart.

“You can think of the love as the Occupy Movement. We want to occupy your heart. … What you are doing right ― and I speak to all of you, and to your star brothers and sisters as well, who are always listening in ― you are shifting to the place of balance, where you are in your heart consciousness.

“You are not denying the brilliance of your mind. You are not ignoring your delightful personalities or egos. But you have shifted incredibly to your heart.” (5)

Some think that awareness of our heart consciousness would lead to inaction. Instead, St. Germaine tells us, it impels us to action: “As soon as you are the observer and the witness in that expanded awareness, that consciousness, that heart consciousness, then you must do something.” (6)

The Divine Mother tells us that it’s with heart consciousness and love that we’ll transform this planet:  “It is with … heart consciousness and love, not ego, [that] you are changing the planet.  You just anchored more love and more beauty in the planet.  And that creates the tipping point.” (7)

If the world tips, it’ll be because we had some mighty beings standing on the teeter-totter with us. But our participation is nevertheless vital, apparently.

Heart consciousness doesn’t replace the mind but augments it, refines it, and ennobles it.  It brings us into relationship, then sacred union, and finally the Oneness of unitive consciousness, which is the consciousness of the Fifth Dimension and higher. This consummation is the outworking of the Divine Plan. And in it we lightworkers play a vital part.

Channeled material through Linda Dillon is copyright by the Council of Love, Inc., 2015, and is used with permission.


(1) The Mother is divine movement; the Heavenly Father is stillness or rest.  This statement is the same as saying we receive love through the Mother.

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