Steve Beckow: What is Heart Consciousness?

heart consciousness

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 10, 2015

If we are love, if love is the answer to all our problems, if love is our origin and destination, it becomes important to know how the consciousness that resides in the heart works.

The heart is the same as the soul. It’s the source of love in our being. Heart, soul, love, light, consciousness all refer to – or perhaps trace back to – the same thing.

In looking at the subject of heart consciousness, let’s start from the beginning and work our way up through the various statements that the Company of Heaven (CoH) have made about it.

To begin with, the CoH tells us that what separates the human being from the animal is self-awareness.

Both animal and human radiate joyful connection and heart energy, but the human does it self-awaredly, according to the Earth Angels through Pamela Kribbe.

“What separates man from animal is the ability to be self-aware. Through this ability the human being is able to transform their emotional body and spread the energy of the heart consciously on Earth.

“Whereas the non-human realms of nature radiate the joy and connectedness of the angels unconsciously, it is humanity’s mission to transform it into a conscious energy.”  (1)

Thus humans have the ability to generate love and send it out consciously to the world. Humans have the ability to harness their heart consciousness and use it for the highest good – to send love out to others.

The heart’s consciousness, Sanat Kumara reminds us, is the compass we’ve been given to navigate life: “Go into your heart consciousness. … This is the compass that you have all been given.”  (2) The CoH is constantly telling us to consult the heart and now he calls it our compass. It’s also been called the still, small voice, the Inner Voice, our guidance, our conscience.

That our heart is the same as our soul Sanat implies here: “Your beauty, your heart, your soul, however you conceive of that knowingness, is divinely intelligent.” (3) This is the source we’re urged to consult.

He tells us that the restoring of our heart consciousness is the Mother’s Plan for this age: “If you are talking about the full restoration of heart consciousness, of course this is the plan of the Divine Mother.”  (4)

The Divine Mother acknowledges that she’s opening and expanding our heart consciousness in this Tsunami of Love that we’re all enjoying (and sometimes not).

“All of you have been in a period of dispensation, of containment, in the mildest way to assist you in the recognition of your divinity and the choice for love. You have been given [a heart activation].

“Each of you, and those of you who never heard my voice, each of you has been touched in the heart. The heart consciousness has been activated and awakened.” (5)

Our hearts have been stirred.  In an increasing number of cases, the heart has been opened. And more lies ahead.

The divine qualities, universal laws and heart consciousness work together, Sanat tells us.

“When you are practicing certain [divine] qualities, they more naturally align with different laws, with different thoughts, with different expressions, shall we say, of God, of One. … So working with the law is being in your heart consciousness.”  (6)

We’ve been studying the first two subjects for years and now the CoH is bringing our attention to the subject of the heart consciousness.

Sanat illsutrates how to use the heart consciousness as our guide.  In this instance, he uses a question.

“It is a very simple question: Does this situation, does this action, does this feeling, does this behavior, does this situation, feel that it is in alignment with love and with One?

“Does it feel within me, within my heart knowingness, that it is in the balance and that it is not only slowly moving me along … but does this jettison me, because you are in a time of rapid change – does this align [me] with the love that I know within me, that is my divine essence spark, does it align [me] with the love of the Mother, does it feel like love?” (7)

What could be clearer than that? Is it of love? AAM would say.

What is causing our hearts to open and all the other commotion is the light or love that’s coming to us from various higher-dimensional sources, Archangel Michael tells us.

“The quotient of light, if I may use that term, … that has been collected and gathered and brought to this time and space is acting like a beam, a catalyst, a transmission that is sending forth all over the world the radiation of love.

“This, my friends, is unity in action. This is heart consciousness.” (8)

He traces for us the path this light takes to reach us:

“From within the Sacred Heart Core of our Father/Mother God, these newly infused cosmic Rays, which contain the new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe, are then radiated outward into each succeeding Galaxy.

“These powerful new Rays then pass through the Central Sun of each solar system, the sun of each planet, and eventually to humanity on planet Earth.” (9)

The third wave of the Tsunami of Love is turning the energies up, Sanat tells us, because we can take it.

“The energies and the frequencies are turned up, made stronger, more palatable quite literally, because you are able to handle more and more energy.

“And the purpose of this energy increase and frequency increase, vibrational increase — however you conceive of it — is not for you to be out of body, but to be able to manage, to hold and to integrate this into your body, so that your level of heart consciousness, of full awareness, is growing.” (10)

Thus, the Divine Plan for this age is to flood us with a tsunami of love designed to open our hearts fully and anchor us in our heart consciousness – a heart knowing, a conscious energy that will in time transform our world. The light that’s causing this is coming from the Heart of the Mother/Father One down through the dimensions to our central Sun and then to our local Sun and thence to us.

Channeled material through Linda Dillon is copyright by the Council of Love, Inc., 2015, and is used with permission.


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