Steve Beckow: What Is a Lightworker?

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By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 4, 2015

Periodically I’m asked what a lightworker is and how a lightworker differs from a lightholder.  (1)

A lightworker is one who serves the Light.

What is “the Light”?  The “Light” is used to refer to (1) God and (2) God’s Light. Light and love are the same.

The Light of God is first seen in enlightenment – the Light brighter than a thousand suns, the Light that’s always burning on the altar of the heart, the firebrand plucked from the burning.

That Light, when meditated upon, grows and finally becomes a Light beyond creation, a transcendental Light that has become everything.

In actual fact, God as the Father is a still and silent void, in its highest form, without attributes. It follows then that the Light must be an attribute of God as the Mother. Only the Mother has physical, detectable attributes; the Father in its highest state has none.

But the Mother remains transcendental; there is no separation between Father and Mother.

The Mother is everything we see around us, everything that moves and makes sounds. The whole of this material world (matter, mater, Mother) is the Mother’s domain. Hers is a world of sound and movement; his is a world of stillness and silence.

To most people, talk of the Father is weak meat soup, which is why, in the story of Lao Tsu that I’m fond of repeating, no one, no traveller on the road of life, is visiting him where he sits at the crossroads dishing out weak meat soup (a metaphor for the peace that passeth understanding and the non-dual philosophy by which we attain it). They favor the steaming noodle stand across the way where they can exchange news and gossip, carouse and have fun.

The Mother has a Divine Plan for the unfoldment of life generally. I can tell you what end design it serves. It serves the enlightenment and subsequent mergence with the Father of all of us.

The Divine Plan is that we should individuate in illusory forms, travel from God out into the world of experience, learn through enlightenment who we really are (God) and then leave the world of experience and return to God again.

In our enlightenment, God has the experience of meeting God, which is the larger purpose behind the whole leela or divine play.

The Divine Plan lays out and serves that return to God.

How it does it is exceedingly simple and can be summed up in one word: Love. Love is

what everything is built from and love is what draws us back to God.

A lightworker serves that Plan. The Plan has its local and temporal dimensions. The plan for this here and now on local planet Earth is a consciousness shift we’ve been calling “Ascension.”  It’s accompanied by economic and political restructuring, which we also serve.

As ground crew, we’re responsible for building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone, a  Fifth-Dimensional world, here and now.

Lightworkers serve this aspect of the Divine Plan. Lightholders are more oriented towards meditation, sadhana (spiritual practice) and other spiritual activities that aim for enlightenment.

Lightholders hold the Light. The serve humanity by showing the way to enlightenment. They serve the Divine Plan in its broadest sense of serving the return to God.

We lightworkers do the construction work on building Nova Earth.  We build community and unity. We build the foundation, the infrastructure, and the superstructure of Nova Earth and Nova Being.  We often take what lightholders teach and apply it to the work of building the new world.

That for me, at this point in time, is what a lightworker is and how a lightworker differs from a lightholder.


(1) Here is another cut at the same topic: “What is a Lightworker?” at ttp://

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