Steve Beckow: Reintegrating a Soul Aspect

War 22By Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, May 3, 2015

The reintegration of our soul aspects or past lives contributes qualities to us, some of which we may have to modify or mitigate and some of which are positive additions through and through.

Our soul aspects are our real ancestors, not our genetic forebears. And they’re apparently returning to take their place at the table and assist us. One of mine, whom I call the General, has been a real challenge to assimilate and that process will, I’m told, be ongoing.

Here are elements of the discussion I had with Archangel Michael on the subject in a recent reading (April 24, 2015).

The General confronted an empire and won a great battle, but, after years of fighting and attrition, he lost the war. He’s a massive personality. AAM and I are discussing his recent arrival.

Steve Beckow: Can you describe what happened last week when the General appeared to take his place at the table?

Archangel Michael: I had suggested to thee that you had not completed the integration with the General. We also would suggest, and you would agree in hindsight, that this man is rather large.

SB: Oh yah! I agree!

AAM: Now, you’re not done with the General yet.

SB: Good! I love his energy! I want more!

AAM: Oh, you will have more!

SB: He’s indomitable and immovable and yet he’s still [open to the higher vibrations] … I’m really happy to hear that!  Will it be soon or late?

AAM: It is immediate. So this will continue. What is going on is …. Think of it in terms of the waves. The General has come in and introduced himself very quietly and discreetly some time ago.

Then he has literally thundered into your apartment and, as you have put it, took his place at the table. He has become the immovable object and you have felt the essence of that energy but you have not fully anchored the fullness because it would bowl you over.

SB: Really! Well, I’m sure everybody concerned knows how much energy I should receive. I leave it in your capable hands.

AAM: The last thing we wish to do is to incapacitate you. The entire purpose of these various waves and integrations, of which there have been several, is that you come to know and feel very comfortable and inviting to these energies.

Then it becomes something that is delightful and integrated in a way that is of joy, rather than overwhelm.

Now have there been moments of overwhelm? Yes, but it doesn’t leave you overwhelmed. If you were to be pushed or pulled too strongly, then you would have difficulty in being able to write about it. (1)

SB: Okay, well, I know that you have it well in hand. Just know, for me, as I’m sure you already do know, it’s a real thrill. I’ve learned so much from his energy and I welcome it so, I’m okay.

AAM: One of the things that has continued on and that you are not quite putting the dots together on is that the General was very much interested in money and finances.

SB: Oh! Well, I guess so, sure!

AAM: Well, he had to be. He was always looking to have his forays financed, his various projects. He had need to make sure that the troops were fed, clothed, and watered. So, yes, that is the aspect of the General that you have been working with.

SB: Is that the reason I’ve been doing so much work on the [name of an organization being created] and the Project for Gender Equality?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Oh, that’s the reason. Well, I’ll be darned.

I’m very much excited about the General so just know that I welcome any assimilation of his energies and any guidance that’s needed.

AAM: He is fully present!

SB: I’m so pleased to hear that. (2)

We had time at the end of the reading and so I returned to the subject.

SB: Coming back to the General, what can I do to contain more of his energy? I was really impressed with his gravitas, his weight. I want to facilitate that process.

AAM: Here’s what you do:  In meditation or in reflection mode, sit down, make room (two chairs, not that he really needs a chair. In fact, he needs an entire couch!). Invite him back in.

As we say, the residue and the adjustment with the energies has been going on, but is there more? Yes, there most certainly is. So invite him back in and ask for a deeper exposure.

SB: How did he get to be such a weighty individual! Is it all the warfare?

AAM: Yes, warfare has played a significant role. Not only authority as in leadership, and one of the things you are learning from him is this measure of being a new leader without the authoritarian aspect that the General certainly carried.

It was also the sense of deep responsibility that became extraordinarily weighty for him.

It was also the core issue of him being determined that he would complete his mission: His desire, his purpose, which was in his mind, was the expansion of the [his own people’s] empire and the exposure of the human race to different ways of thinking and being.

He took a personal sense of responsibility for each and every one of his charges. So while there was this authoritarian piece of him, there was also this very humanitarian piece of him. So that the sense you often get with him and that density is the sense that he is lifting up and carrying thousands.

One of the things that you have experienced where this merger and integration is taking place is that you often have this feeling that you are carrying thousands.

SB: That’s the job that I do.

AAM: It is also important for you to find the joy.

The General was not a particularly joyful person, although there were moments of what he would call joy. [Name of a campaign], achieving goals. He was an exceptionally driven individual.

Understand that, as you are integrating, you are tempering, as with all of your integrations, some of these qualities. And at the same time you are allowing the reinforcement of some other qualities.  (3)

I’m already noticing differences in myself as a result of this ongoing assimilation.

One is that a script of mine has disappeared. I used to consider myself unlovable. That probably arose because I opposed my Father’s mistreatment of my Mother and anyone who hated his Father as much as I did must be unloveable.  After all, the Bible says to love thy Father and thy Mother and I did not.

But, with the arrival of this gravitas, that “unlovable” script has simply disappeared. I can’t say it was swept aside or dissolved or what happened to it. It’s just gone.

With what consequence? Well, one consequence is that I’d have presented myself socially as if at some level I regarded myself as a left-over from a fire sale. Real issues of unworthiness were present.

But now I don’t feel that way at all. If anything, I’m taking myself very seriously.  I realize that I have an important role to play and I need to be meeting and conversing with people of an equally-serious, equally-mature cast of mind and heart.

I feel no self-importance or snobbishness, just a weightiness of purpose. Coming from this place, I have no desire to sell myself or my mission short. If anything, I have a desire to use caution in whom I meet and to take the requirements of my mission into full account in all I do.

Thanks to Dana for this transcript.

All channeled material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, 2015, and used with permission.


(1) Notice this indirect re-affirmation of part of my mission, to write about the stages of unfoldment I pass through.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, April 24, 2015.

(3) Loc. cit.

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