Steve Beckow: The Christ Child Within

bridge to the light EHCBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, May 1, 2015

There’s no knowledge more important than the knowledge of who we are. And who we are is God.

As long as the last vestige of illusion remains, then who we are is the Child of God, the Christ Child within, the divine spark or Light that shines brighter than a thousand suns, in the darkness of the Father.

In other words, we remain with the last vestige of imagined separation between ourselves and God and that is the imagined division between God the Father and the Child of God.

When illusion totally vanishes, then the knowledge unfolds completely that we are the Father, Brahman, the One.

Sages in past eras have given up everything to have that knowledge. They’re never left poorer. As Paramahansa Yogananda tells us:  “To know God is not the negation of all desires, but instead their complete fulfilment.” (1) “Nothing is more worth-while, more pleasant or attractive than the all-beautiful, all-satisfying, all-thirst quenching, ever-new, joyous God.” (2)

Knowing our true identity, not the false identity the ego urges on us, is our one task in life. Everything else is optional. And as long as we haven’t completed that task, it’s as if we’ve done nothing whatsoever.  That’s the point of Rumi’s story:

“There is one thing in this world which must never be forgotten. If you were to forget everything else, but did not forget that, then there would be no cause for worry; whereas if you performed and remembered and did not forget every single thing, but forgot that one thing, then you would have done nothing whatsoever.

“It is just as if a king had sent you to the country to carry out a specified task. You go and perform a hundred other tasks; but if you have not performed that particular task on account of which you had gone to the country, it is as if you have performed nothing at all. So man has come into this world for a particular task, and that is his purpose; if he does not perform it, then he will have done nothing.” (3)lighthouse

John Ruusbroec acknowledges that this Light, this Self, this divine spark is the Christ, the Child of the Father.

“In the abyss of this darkness in which the loving spirit has died to itself, God’s revelation and eternal life have their origin, for in this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God, in whom a person becomes able to see and to contemplate eternal life.” (4)

Since the Light exists beyond the reach of thought and language, it’s incomprehensible.  When we contemplate it, the Light expands to become eventually the transcendent and fully-transformative Light of the Father.

If we achieve Sahaja Samadhi, an advanced state of enlightenment, we achieve “eternal life” in the sense of not needing to be reborn into this Third-Dimensional realm again. (5) For all of us, of course, that will come some time after Ascension.

Jesus described his relationship to that Light on An Hour with an Angel in 2012:

Steve Beckow: Is that light indeed the Christ in its essential form?

Jesus: It is the Christed light. Yes, you are correct. In its fullest form.

SB: All right, now, it’d be such an important thing for me if you could discuss your relationship to that light. Were you embodying it in the fullest manner? Was that your role or mission? Or what was your relationship to the Christ?

J: That has always been the fullness of my mission, in whatever form I have taken. I am the light that burst forth. I am the light that came from the heart of One, from the heart of God. (6) And my purpose in all this relationship was to simply ignite not only what has been referred to as Heaven and Earth, but far beyond.

If you look to my essence, dear friend, all you will see is light. That is all there is. And it can assume relationship, and after relationship it can assume various form. But it is – light was beyond the Christ light. Can you think of it as a tiering? It was an implosion, explosion of light, and it has never changed. And it will never change.

SB: And when you say, “I am the light,” who is “I am”? Are you speaking as Jesus, or are you speaking as the Christ, as the light?

J: No, I am speaking as the light.

SB: And is that something –

J: The light that then transfers into the Christ light, that then transfers into the being that you, sitting here this night, call Jesus. But you were asking about my essence.

SB: I am. Is that light that became the Christ, is that the Father?

J: Think of it as a replication of the Father. It did not take away from the Source. It just expanded it. It is part of the infinite extension of creation. It is not born the way you think. It is just an explosion of light, that is. (7)

Thus if, instead of thinking of Jesus as the savior, we realize that it is the Light of God that Jesus embodied that is the savior, we’d be corrrect, according to the Master Jesus himself.

Ruusbroec personifies the Light. When meditated on, it becomes the transcendent Light of the Father.

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, ‘See,’ and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on Earth.” (8)

Many of Jesus’s parables are guidance, couched in metaphors, on how to realize this Christ Child within. The treasure buried in a field is one example but the mustard seed that grew into a great tree and the pearl of great price are others.

“The kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.” (9)

The treasure that the Light is is buried in the field of the body; specifically, in the heart. The man finds it in an experience of enlightenment (“which a man hath found”). He is overjoyed and detaches himself from all desires save the desire to meditate upon that Light (“selleth all that he hath”).

After much meditation, the discrete Light of the Self becomes the transcendent Light of the Supreme Self. The man has then bought the field.

enlightenmentThe purpose of our lives is to know that Light in its profundity. The first sight of it comes when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra. One has realized the Christ Child.

The second sight comes when the kundalini reaches the sixth chakra. One has realized the Divine Mother.

The third sight comes when the kundalini reaches the seventh chakra. One has realized the Heavenly Father.

But the heart opening from all of these experiences is temporary. Only the heart opening that comes when the kundalini turns back to reach the spiritual heart is permanent. That’s the level of enlightenment we’ll reach once we’re deeply inside the Fifth Dimension.

This is liberation or moksha. And that is where all of us are headed.

All channeled messages from Linda Dillon and the Council of Love are copyright by the Council of Love, Inc., 2015, and are used with permission.


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(5) Sahaja comes a while after Ascension; i.e., deeper into the Fifth Dimension than the “vestibule” or entry point.

(6) Here and later in this exchange, Jesus implies that he is the Light of the Father, rather than the Son. He shines forth as the Christ or Son, but the Light is that of the Father.

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